The New Yamaha Tricity and LMW mechanism or Leaning Multi Wheel

By Miong - Monday, May 11, 2015

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. recently visited Cebu for another edition of the Yamaha Tricity Grand Test ride with exclusive presence of Mr. Gerald Anderson who also ride the Yamaha Tricity around the custom built track that showcases the full ability and features of the Yamaha Tricity at Sm City Cebu North Parking. The Yamaha-Exclusive Leaning Multi-Wheel system allows two front wheels to adjust independently to different road conditions. Enthusiasts, club members, and the general public who joined the test ride undergo detailed briefing of the course and an evaluation of their riding skills under strict supervision by Yamaha certified instructors. Mall goers inside SM City Cebu also learned about LMW and Tricity through Yamaha Rev stations setup indoor.

Yamaha’s own design philosophy “Refined Dynamism” gives birth to the concept of being “Smart for All”. The feature point of this New Commuter Vehicle is the LMW mechanism or Leaning Multi Wheel, a mechanism that allows two front wheels to deal with changes in different road surfaces while keeping both tires in contact with the road as it leans.

The Yamaha LMW mechanism is born because of the harmonious integration of 2 key systems.
  1. A parallelogram Link system that allows the parallel leaning of two front wheels and separate functioning of independent suspensions.
  2. A Cantilevered Telescopic Suspension for the two front wheels with unique machine dimensions and geometry.
The Tricity has a Unified Breaking System (UBS) that the force is administered to the front two discs and single rear disc when the rear brake lever is applied. The Yamaha Tricity has a displacement of 125 cc and is available in all 3s shops nationwide with the suggested retail price of PHP 146,000 and comes in matte red or white color.

Welcome to Yamaha’s ever growing World of personal mobility and experience a whole new level of enjoyment with the Yamaha Tricity, an innovation that gives convenience and fulfillment; setting a new heights of standards of style, performance, and technological breakthrough.

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