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Friday, November 24, 2017

Premier Consumer Financial Service Company 'Synchrony Financial' now in Cebu

With headquarters in the United States, Synchrony Financial's roots in consumer finance trace back to the year 1932, to-date Synchrony Financial is the largest provider of private label credit cards in the United States based on purchase volume and receivables. They have approximately 70 million active consumer accounts and offering credit products through their partners' over 365,000 locations across the United States and Canada.

Synchrony Financial considers the Philippines as a good destination for service centers due to its wealth of talents in terms of workforce that meets the company’s global standards. The country's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure is mature and at par with the US. Moreover, the Philippine governments’ friendly policies for business processing companies makes it one of the top choices.

When it comes to career opportunities, Synchrony Financial strives to provide a great work-life balance for all of their employees. Advocate of equal opportunities to all, regardless of age, educational background or sexual preference. Synchrony endeavors to be a place to be yourself. It's diversity networks help to cultivate an environment of inclusiveness that allows employees to bring their best selves to work every day and contribute to the business in an impactful way.

Synchrony Financial has a genuine concern for everyone's well-being as an individual and a valued team member, you may check their website at for a listing of available career opportunities. Synchrony Financial Cebu is located in Ayala Corporate Center, Cebu Business Park Cebu City.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Financial Advisors and The Grand Sun Life Live Brighter Forum Cebu

The role of Financial Advisor according to Wikipedia typically provides clients with financial products and services, may create financial plans for clients, or a combination and some insights of savings. The gist behind is, "You can help people plan for their future". As a Sun Life Advisor, you'll be able to do all of these plus "You Enrich Your Present".

I attended Sun Life's Live Brighter Forum here in Cebu and I'll share it to you in few passages about How to Live Brighter.

The importance of Financial Planning has been rekindle and always seems to be the most listened topic but only few masters it. Difficult but can be learned and with the help of correct education and right people to guide you, you will get and A+ in this subject. The speaker is able to convey a message that with a correct approach to take advantage of your money's worth today is the key for your future goals. And to help walking the talk on this message, Financial Advisers will realize this goal.

Model Sun Life Financial Adviser, Churchill Bejemino proves that being an individual getting a little extra share of challenges of life is a hindrance to being a successful Financial Advisor. His Family is his inspiration to overcome these challenges and his favourite part is to impart knowledge to everyone he meets not expecting any return, he has developed his routine to educate and his happy about it. Plus, the most valuable feeling he admires most is when he heads home where he sees here parents and siblings makes him stronger amidst regular day at work.

My personal key take away from Sun Life's Live Brighter Forum was being a Financial Advisor equates to getting in the business of helping people. And in the process, you've got to achieve a work-life balance since you manage your schedule. Fulfilling big dreams and Enjoy the journey of your chosen career path and professional growth.

Wanna embrace the Brighter Life? Visit

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Pondering on Life's Simple Luxuries Et Al

If we are to put our selves in the shoes of the average low to medium wage earners in our country we would know the real condition of what are their struggles as they strive daily going work, budget challenges paycheck to paycheck and tries to beat inflation at the end of the day. Others might think these majority are doing okay, in fact, Yes but it could be better. It is where our chosen leaders and their appointed agencies should go in and "help"

The ideal script could have been be, they're their above the mass to formulate ways on how to improve our living standard, eliminate as many as they can those hindering our betterment and execute plans that are for the common good. Of course we're here to help and support them to whatever executions good for everyone.

Considering the views on the sugar-sweetened beverages tax reform, I really do hope that we did the right thing to analyze this reform, discuss the advantages and examine the disadvantages as well. Well I saw the effort and proof of research in the media but are we really ready to embrace it? Specifically down here at the masses where a couple of peso matters to the next grocery item that we'll buy at the sari-sari store, palengke or the suking tindahan.

I really appreciate though that this Senate-proposed excise tax excludes milk, 100 percent natural fruit and vegetable juices, meal replacement beverages, unsweetened tea and coffee, this is makes me comfortable. Same also with the House excise tax version where it excludes milk, 100 percent natural fruit and vegetable juices, meal replacement beverages, and yogurt and fruit flavored yogurt beverages.

We are ready to understand that we are doing these reforms because it is for our own good, to increase our nations capability in terms of revenue which follows our nation's improved public service, betterment of the society as I may see it as a whole.

A simple ender to this words of thoughts, We hope that we wont forget the reason why we're doing this, which is to Help our People.