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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Resort Mall Island Central Mactan to welcome Island Sky Lounge & Bar in 2019

Island Central Mactan is indeed more than just a Mall. Next year, Island Central Mactan Mall is set to house the spacious, al-fresco setting, its very own Island Sky Lounge & Bar at its roof deck with the exclusive view of Mactan Channel, the Bridges and mainland Cebu.

A Photo perspective of the Island Sky Lounge and Bar at Sunset

Island Central Mactan Mall is blessed with its location in proximity to Mactan Cebu International Airport in Lapu-Lapu City with just 3 minutes travel time which means it's just minutes away from Mactan Island's famous and world class resorts & beaches.

Guest and Tenants at the Island Central Mactan Tenants Appreciation Night held at he future location of Island Sky Lounge

Fire Dancers performing at the Roof deck of Island Central Mactan Mall, the future location of Island Sky Lounge

The Island Sky Lounge is expected to gather half a score names in the nightlife and bar scene of local to international offering. Technically you can just do bar hopping within Island Sky Lounge Bar when your cravings suddenly switches.

Edwin Lim, Island Central Mactan CEO address the Tenants and Guests at the Tenants Appreciation Night

Aside from the Island Sky Lounge, these are other developments in the Island Central Mall compound that construction and or preparations is ongoing. One of it the Food Hall that will form part of the Mactan Wharf at the back of the the Mall where commercial units compliments the waterfront development and sea transport advancement.

The proposed exterior of the Food Hall at the Mactan Wharf, an expansion to the Main Mall.

Topline Marina which is docking at the Mactan Wharf is also taking trips to and fro Pier 3 Cebu City vice versa. Topline Marina deploys two vessels for initial operation which caters 32 daily trips starting 5AM through 8PM.

Marcelo Fernan Bridge and Mactan Channel as viewed from Island Central Mactan Island Sky Lounge. Also in the photo, Topline Marina Ferryboat (lower right corner) sailing back to Mactan Wharf.

Island Central Mactan has a 6 level mixed-use waterfront hub for transport and lifestyle. It has both commercial retail and BPO office component at the neighborhood of Mactan Economic Zone in Lapu-Lapu City. It is a complex of shops representing merchandisers with interconnecting walkways enabling visitors to walk from unit to unit along with a parking area and a modern, indoor version of a traditional marketplaces. Tenants includes supermarket, restaurants, service shops, concept stores, travel lounge, sky lounge and bars, and event area to cater the growing demand of both the locals and domestic and international tourists.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

51Talk: 100,000 Filipino English Teachers over the next 5 Years

51Talk is a leading brand of online English education with over 16,000 home-based Filipino teachers teaching online and 10 million registered learners in China taking 3 million one-on-one online lessons every month. It was established in China seven years ago, 51Talk was launched in the Philippines in 2012.

51Talk Founder and CEO Mr. Jack Huang during a Presscon with Philippines and Chinese Media.

In their recent Presscon in the Philippines "Road to 100K Online Filipino Teachers" 51Talk seeks cooperation with the Philippines to grow 100,000 Filipino English teachers over the next five years, as well as enhancing the friendship between the Philippines and China.

51Talk deploys AirClass Online Class Platforms such as Facial Recognition and Background Enhancer Technology for effective teaching.

Mr Jack Huang present its plans for cooperation with the Philippine government, academe, and the business community over the next five years, he also presented its current status and development in the Philippines and its future strategic planning.

51Talk has deployed a leading curriculum development team providing quality learning experience to Chinese children.

Mr Huang also discussed their plans on supporting the development of the ESL (English as a Second Language) industry in the Philippines through in-depth alliances and cooperation with the government, business community, academe, and other stakeholders.

Mr. Jack Huang said there is a strong demand for online English lessons for children in China, based on the fact that the household investment in education and English requirements for students have been on the rise. A report from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences shows that China has a large English consumer group of 300 million people. The number of online English learners has reached 19.689 million, but the demand for online foreign teachers has exceeded 500,000. 16,000 plus Filipinos are currently teaching online at 51Talk, and the demand will grow to 100,000 home-based online teachers in the Philippines in the next five years.

Road to 100K Online Filipino Teachers Forum with the government, business community, academe, and other stakeholders.

51Talk aims to promote the Filipino teachers in China. It also hopes to make Filipino online English teachers the new future of English language teaching (ELT). 51Talk said the Philippines ranks among the best English speaking countries in Asia. The Philippines has maintained its top two ranking in the IELTS English test in Asia over the years. It has also been rated as the country with the highest level of business English in the world.

Those who teach undergo extensive training before embarking as online home-based English teachers. Online teachers should have:
  • College degree
  • Can speak English well
  • Should have the capability to do home-based teaching by having a reliable internet connection and a good computer setup.
Chinese children learn a lot from Filipino teachers, whom they often see as professional and passionate. It also helps that Filipino teachers and Chinese students share common cultural ground and the same time zone, making schedule healthy for both teacher and students. 51Talk’s platform has been available in the country for the last 7 years with training centers in key provinces like Bacolod, Baguio, Cavite, Cebu, Davao, Pampanga & Pasig.

Chinese Students Love their Filipino ESL Teachers

51Talk is listed as COE on the New York Stock Exchange and is currently the leading brand for online English education in China and is the first Chinese online education company listed in the United States. 51Talk is headquartered in Beijing and has branches in seven cities: Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Jinan, and Suzhou in China, and has presence in major cities in the Philippines. At present, the company has a total of 4000+ employees worldwide.

Visit 51Talk websites for more info at and

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The Cebu Exchange is Asia Property Awards 2018 "Best Office Developments in Asia"

Cebu Exchange is ArthaLand’s first foray into the VisMin region and is its first office condominium development bags the Best Office Developments in Asia Award in the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Grand Finals 2018 on November 9, 2018. ArthaLand is also awarded as one of the Best Boutique Developers in Asia, and the Best Boutique Developer in the Philippines. The Cebu Exchange is also honored at Japan International Property Awards 2018's Best Green Feature Feature Development.

Cebu Exchange is located at the gateway of the Cebu lT Park in Cebu City, ArthaLand's first office condominium development. The largest single tower business ecosystem in the Philippines and features world class designs and features with flexible cuts to cater to all business needs.

Green Development
Advocacy for green development stimulates the economy and creates compelling investment opportunities for a large strata of businesses and locators because of its many benefits to operational efficiency, its effects on productivity and employee welfare, among others. More and more real estate developers are transitioning to sustainable spaces and buildings as a means to attract investors who are aware of the environment’s needs. Green buildings lead to lower operating costs due to savings on energy costs and lifespan costs. The rigorous screening processes of green certifications provide quality assurance for potential tenants leading to higher rental and occupancy rates. On an international stage, green developments are the preferred and often ONLY choice consideration for most prestigious locators.

Cebu Exchange is VisMin’s first and only office development to be on target to achieve dual green building certification under the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program and the Philippine Green Building Council’s Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) certification programs.

To ensure resource efficiency for the building’s locators, Cebu Exchange will feature green elements such as efficient building envelope, water efficient plumbing system, low-energy air-conditioning system, efficient lighting system, use of low-emitting materials, and allocation for Low-Emitting & Fuel Efficient Vehicle (LEFEV) parking. With its strategic location, the project is well connected to the rest of the community, thus requiring less use of motorized vehicles.

Business in Harmony 
The Cebu Exchange launched its new campaign, "Business in Harmony". An orchestra of players and instruments in the business ecosystem coming together, producing beautiful music, inspiring a powerful metaphor of harmony. It is about the Cebu Exchange as a masterpiece of sustainable development, a well-balanced ecosystem of green office technologies, plush amenities, and a diverse retail mix where businesses and individuals can thrive in harmony.

Consolidated Leasing Product Innovation 
The country's first-ever "Consolidated Leasing Solutions" is introduced by ArthaLand in November, a hassle-free leasing services, where buyers need not deal with multiple entities when they tease out their units. Aside from making smaller, more price-accessible cut-up units available for sale, they ensure ease in leasing out units to corporate clients who are inclined to lease larger cuts, but are averse to negotiating with multiple entities. Unit owners of lease-pool units are represented as a consolidated entity when dealing with potential tenants in terms of negotiation, documentation and general tenant concerns on unit and building management, also ensuring ease in collections and payments for both parties.

To know more about Cebu Exchange, please call +6332 494 9530 to 33. Send email to

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