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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Get to know your Favourite Drinks and Beverages at Baguio CB Cebu

Baguio CB Cebu is a premium casual pub with a passion for fresh local ingredients in almost all handcrafted items may it be drinks or Food. With 21 beverage type on tap, Baguio CB is proud to offer Philippines’ largest selection. Good food and beverages paired with a beautiful rustic interior and great service is what Baguio CB is all about. All locations feature a bar with wooden tap handles that are intricately and uniquely carved that were inspired by the wood carvers of Ifugao. This design element has become part of the signature look for the brand. Now , get to know your favourite beverages and savour more of it in your next visit.

Intense hop aroma, with spicy and citrusy notes. Yellow to gold in color. Strong and complex, very high hop flavor, with hints of well-balanced malt flavor. Medium-bodied, medium carbonation. Smooth and dry, lingering hop finish.

Hop Attack
Intense hop aroma, with hints of clean and malty sweetness. Golden amber in color. Slightly hazy. Strong complex hop flavor and bitterness, with little to no harshness in the aftertaste. Slight presence of malt sweetness. Medium-bodied, medium carbonation, with a dry finish.

Message in a Bottle
Intense hop aroma with burnt notes, often mistakes as the smell of raisins. Black and opaque in color. Intense hop balance in the aftertaste. Full-bodied. High carbonation. Hoppy and dry

Busy Bee
Pale gold in appearance. Bitter yet with a strong earthy and floral hint. Finishes with a slight honey sweetness, dry and full bodied.

Prominent hop aromas with citrusy and piney notes. Medium reddish-copper in color. Medium-high hop flavor and bitterness. Clean and slightly malty sweet. Smooth and medium-bodied mouthfeel. Moderate carbonation. Medium-dry finish.

Ssshhputnik (Extra Special Bitter)
A high level of maltiness with a nutty, woody and caramel-like flavours, with increased hop bitterness flavour and aroma, medium to full body

Englishman in New York
Moderate hop aroma, with hints of malt and caramel. Clear, pale gold in color. Clean malt character. Little to no hop bitterness. Medium - bodied smooth. Moderate carbonation. Slight dry finish.

Light to no hop aroma. Clear and crisp, pale yellow in color. Slight sweet, with hints of caramel, Medium-bodied and smooth. High carbonation.

Old Xavier ‘56
Rich and malty aroma with hints of spicy-floral Saaz bouquets Clear and pale gold in color. Complex maltiness with a soft grainy aftertaste and a rounded spicy hop flavor. Medium-bounded. Medium carbonation. Crisp and refreshing finish.

Keywheat (Kiwi Beverage)
Little to no hop aroma, with distinct kiwi fruit flavor. Light green in color, slight hazy. Smooth and medium- bodied. High carbonation

Lagud (Strawberry Beverage)
Little to no hop aroma, with sour strawberry notes. Reddish hue. Sweet and fruity, with a slight sour aftertaste. Crispy and balanced malt flavor. Medium-bodied. High carbonation.

Ripe (Passion Fruit Beverage)
Strong aroma of passion fruit, with little to no hop aroma. Light copper in color. Strong passion fruit taste. Sweet and tangy, with low hop bitterness. Smooth and medium-bodied. High carbonation.

Kabunyan (American Wheat Beverage)
Strong aroma of passion fruit, with little to no hop aroma. Light copper in color. Strong passion fruit taste. Sweet and tangy, with low hop bitterness. Smooth and medium-bodied. High carbonation.

Rolling Fog
Little to no hop aroma, with moderate banana and clove notes. Very hazy, pale yellow in color. Strong banana and clove aftertaste, with little to no hop bitterness. Medium-bodied. High carbonation. Refreshing and fruity finish.

Kraken (Baltic Porter)
Rich malty sweetness, caramel and coffee notes, with little to no hop aroma. Dark brown in color. Smooth and malty, with hints of roasted coffee and toffee. Full-bodied and smooth. Medium carbonation.

Eye of Medusa (Belgian Tripel)
A pale, spicy, dry and strong Trappist ale with a pleasant rounded malt flavor and firm bitterness. Mildly aromatic, with spicy, fruity, and light alcohol notes combined with clean malt character. A Beverage with high alcohol but does not taste strongly of alcohol.

Orphan Maker (Barley Wheat Beverage)
A strong ale albeit so potent as wine. Deep amber in color with medium bitterness aftertaste and bittersweet flavour and aroma; has a slight hint of chocolate to compliment the palate.

Pale golden in appearance with medium bitterness, and citrusy flavor and aroma. Generally clean with refreshing finish. Has some grassy notes due to dry hopping.

Philandering Pauper (Belgian Dubbel)
Belgian Trappist Beverage a brown ale with low to no bitterness: Fairly strong in alcohol with a strong fruity and cereal notes; Slight dry finish with a strong hint of raisin flavor, mixed with caramel, chocolate and nut flavors.

Single malt, single hop ale on the biscuity notes. A Medium bitterness and a bit citrusy an ale for beginners.

Mango Jango (Mango Beverage)
With a strong hint of mango both for its flavor and aroma, low to almost no bitterness.

Misty Mountain
A hazy appearance to collaborate the morning mist of the mountainous view, confers with a zestful fruity mix of banana clove and raspberry that also imparts a real sweet aroma, with almost low to no bitterness taste and a slight sweet malty finish-an ale crafted for early mornings.

See you at your next visit at Baguio CB Cebu IT Park!

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

NEW Food/Drinks Menu at Golden Prince Hotel's Lanai Restobar Lounge

Delectable and generous food and drinks landscape are up at Golden Prince Hotel's al fresco entertainment outlet, the Lanai Resto-Bar. The newly launched menu which a nod to bigger servings, raised food quality, more cocktails choices and wines will be available from now on while enjoying weekly live entertainment.

Golden Prince Hotel's Lanai Restobar and Lounge heftier servings good enough for the your friends to partake like the Prince Tower Wagyu Burger made with a 0.25 lb wagyu beef patty and served with thick fried potato wedges. Try the generous King Sub foot-long in a bun, a big pile of thickly-sliced, breaded squid rings, a fully-stuffed club-house sandwich with all your favorite ingredients, and even danggit-aglio olio pasta and pritchon to keep things local, among many other new items to be enjoyed and shared.

The cocktails lists is definitely what every party goer needs from Magellan's Margarita, to the Golden Gimlet made with calamansi instead of lemon, honey and basil on gin, or the Inday-Colada with coconut milk and pineapple juice blended with rum. Indeed, a union of international bar staples and local charm.

Lanai's mocktails Prince of Cebu or the Golden Fizz best paired with new Lanai food menu. Lanai Restobar and Lounge is groomed by head chef Marlou Almasco and the new outlets manager Robinson Belhida.

Lanai is open daily, from 6:00PM to 1:00AM, with live entertainment every Wednesday to Sunday. Weekly live acoustic entertainment keeps the mood enjoyable and festive with acts like Jude Efraim,  Stagefire and Syncrofire Acoustic from Wednesdays to Saturdays.

For reservations and other inquiries, call 230 1500 or 230 1588.


Monday, August 6, 2018

Sun Life Financial Grand #LiveBrighter Forum: Educative and A Career Talk

Let me borrow Sir Abraham Maslow's literature to start this blog, "In any given moment we have two options: To step forward into growth or to step back into safety". I will leave to you how you'll interpret his quote since it's very straight forward for everyone. The latest Sun Life Grand #LiveBrighter Forum held at Quest Hotel Cebu is both educative and a career talk. I will elaborate a little about it in few sentences below.

Sun Life Grand Live Brighter Forum is educative, it imparts life lessons that are not thoroughly emphasize in school. It presented data that will help you understand the value of financial products such as ordinary Life Insurance, variable Life Insurances and Mutual Funds. The resource speakers elaborate more about products Income Protection, Health Protection, Education Fund, Retirement Fund, Business Fund, Car/House Fund, Travel Fund and others.

It's also a career talk for aspiring Financial Advisors, those who have passion to help other people to plan their future. Sun Life Advisor and Manager Candidate Don Ursal shares his experience as a Financial Advisor to inspire the crowd attending the Forum. As a financial advisor, it also entails a rewarding compensation. Your consistent performance leads to monetary bonuses on top of commissions. Top performing advisors enjoys all-expense  travels locally or internationally, the opportunity to earn is endless. And there's also an avenue for recognition such as excellence awards and the Macaulay Club uphold the values that make Sun Life one of the top insurance provider in the country.

Here's what you need to do if you wanted to be part of the Sun Life Financial Advisor Team. If you want to follow your passion, live a life of purpose and wanted to help secure  People's future, then you've done the initial steps already. Now, since being a Financial Advisor is a professional career, you must take and pass the Licensing Exam at the Insurance Commission, before that you should also attend interviews and take the Personal Orientation Profile (POP) Screen Test. Visit your nearest Sun Life Financial office for more details.

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