#ForEveryPinoyFighter The Filipino Spirit will never Give up

By Miong - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bantayan Island is gifted with nature's best from the tranquil and pristine white sand beaches to the traditional Filipino customs and traditions of the people living in the island northwest of Cebu Province. In November 2013, Bantayan Island was not spare from the destruction of Super typhoon Yolanda (intl. name Haiyan) leaving hundreds to thousand of families in the Island and nearby islets. After two years, though you can still observed from the area the remnants of the catastrophe but little by little the resiliency of the people endures.

Kota Beach, Sta Fe Bantayan Island Cebu

In May 3, 2015, the people of Bantayan Island was given the chance to watch Manny Pacquiao fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. via live Pay-per-View setup for free at three strategic area in Bantayan Island Cebu towns of Bantayan, Madridejos and Sta. Fe courtesy of Pru Life UK. Simultaneously, Pru Life UK brought similar activity in communities in Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Batangas, Quezon, Albay, Aklan and Northern Samar.

Kids in wearing the "Go Manny" red headband in Bantayan Island Cebu
"Seeing the Cebuanos in Bantayan Island get back on their feet has been a truly a remarkable experience for our staff and volunteers. Helping them rebuild their homes is just the first step. We hope that watching this fight live gives them the opportunity to set aside their daily struggles as they join in this national celebration,” said Antonio Manuel de Rosas, President and CEO of Pru Life UK.

The folks at Bantayan Island Cebu yell at the top of their lungs as Pacman throws punches.

It was a rare opportunity for some of the people in Bantayan Island to watch the fight of their champion and hero live via pay-per-view especially those who are still recovering from the devastation of typhoon Yolanda. Majority from nearby islets don't even have electricity and lack of decent dwelling after being destroyed by the catastrophe. But as seen in their expressions of cheers and screams, these people went tirelessly rises from being struck with the support of united charities around the world and Pru Life UK Foundation that are willing to help and cherish these once victims of unfavorable circumstances.

Mixed emotions from Bantayan Island spectators during Pacman May Fight

Adopting this popular quote from Morgan W. says "You learn more from losing than winning, you learn how to keep going." Cebuanos in Bantayan Island learned the hard way but it was definitely worth the fight as what their champion Manny Pacquiao did in his boxing career and reached the status now as one of the greatest boxers. I am thankful for the opportunity that Pru Life UK has shared to the people of Bantayan, to partake one of the greatest lesson of life through our nation's hero's fight of the century, - Resiliency.

Mrs. Emma Helbuena and cousin Marilou Helbuena living at Hilantagaan islet, both woke up early Sunday of May 3 to attend early church mass to offer prayer for Manny Pacquiao before riding a motor banca that will bring them to Bantayan Island so they could watch Manny Pacquiao fight live via big screen for the first time. When I approached them after the winner has been announced, they try to hide their emotions but I can see it from their teary eyes that they didn't expect that the result is laid that way and for them, there no other champions than their idol, it's the the people's champ Manny Pacquiao.

A Cebuano spirit never gives up!

From the people of Bantayan and nearby islets of Hilantagaan they went to theirs homes bearing another bunch of Hope and inspiration that every fall down has a sweet victory devised for them.

Thank you Pru Life UK for teaching our people to Never give up!

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