Missing Filemon new Album Duha-Duha CD Cover Artwork Contest

By Miong - Sunday, October 16, 2011

Missing Filemon is a BisRock band based in Cebu City whose existence in local Cebu Music Scene ignited bisrock genre bands that nurtures the local music scene of Cebu. The youth, University students, out-of-school by-standers and cebuanos alike are inspired by the music composed by Missing Felimon headed by Lorenzo Insoy Niñal (writer and founder of Tsinelas Foundation) with themes from Cebuano culture and traditions, romance, friendship, camaraderiecebuanos daily routine, history and more. Some of the bands who where also into the bisrock genre music scene are Phylum, Mantequilla, Agadiers, The Ambassadors, Aggressive Audio, Scrambled Eggs, Assembly Language and many more.

The good guys from Missing Filemon is launching their 3rd album "Duha-Duha" on November 2011. With the album launching on site, they are asking fans and not necessarily graphics artists/enthusiasts to help them in the CD Cover Artwork Design and illustration. For more details of the contest, read below:
Album Name: DUHA-DUHA
Release Date: November, 2011
  • Anyone, Filipino, Foreigners, Aliens, Anybody who understands the words “Gugma” and “Inun-unan
  • Design must be based on the band’s image.
  • Design must say something about the album as a product of collaboration with other local artists
  • Design may or not contain the album title “Duha-Duha.”
  • Entries must be square, just like a CD cover.
  • Entries must respect copyrights laws.
  • Entries must be orginal and made especially for this contest.
  • Entries must not contain disrespect for any living things, must not harm plants and zombies, and must not make birds angry.
  • No pornographic material allowed.
  • Each participant is allowed to submit not more than two  (2) entries.
  • Must be in full color
  • Entries will be posted on MF Fan Page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Missing-Filemon/168427226550202 where your relatives can like.
  • The most number of likes may not necessariily be the winner, but will receive a special award.
Deadline for submission of entries: October 21, 2011
  • The winning entry will be used as the official Duha-Duha album cover.
  • Winner will get a free “Duha-Duha” CD, MF accessories
  • Winner’s name and contact info will appear in the album credits.
  • A high chair in front of the stage will be reserved for the winner during the album launching.
  • Awarding of the winner will be held on the album launch.
  • Winner will be acknowledged by the band during gigs.
missingfilemoncebu@gmail.com, with your complete name and contact info.

Missing Felimon Discography
Album: Missing Felimon (2003) Album Tracks
1. Eskina
2. Kumusta
3. Ngano Ba
4. Brader Eloy
5. Habo-habo
6. Balangaw
7. Inday
8. Suroy-Suroy
9. Alas 4
11.Inday (Intro and Harana Version)

Album: Sine-Sine (2005) Album Tracks
1. Intro
2. Prinsipal
3. Englisera
4. Langit
5. Uranus
6. Harana
7. Taming
8. Sine Sine
9. Kung Ako Ka Pa Lang
10. Soap Opera
11.Sine Sine (Acoustic Version)

Missing Felimon New Album Duha-Duha Track list featured at Cebu Events Blog

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