Affordable QWERTY Phone NOKIA X2-01 Specs Reviews and Pictures

By Miong - Monday, February 14, 2011

Affordable QWERTY Phone NOKIA X2-01 Specifications Reviews and Pictures. Messaging is booming and Nokia is tapping into the demand for affordable and easy-to-use phones, especially for youth, with its latest QWERTY device. The “little sister” to Nokia’s already highly successful and affordable QWERTY phone, the Nokia C3, the new Nokia X2-01 is designed to appeal to youth with its low price, colorful designs and optimized messaging performance.
What is QWERTY?
QWERTY (pronounced /ˈkwɜrti/) is the most used modern-day keyboard layout. The name comes from the first six letters (keys) appearing in the top letter row of the keyboard, read left to right: Q-W-E-R-T-Y. From typewriters to PCs to Modern Mobile Devices. QWERTY was born on the first popular typewriter but grew up on the modern PC. After over a century of use, QWERTY is still the global standard at work and at home. Whether you’re a fast-fingered texter, an instant messaging warrior, or a serious emailer, QWERTY has you covered, whatever your style. QWERTY communicates faster than the alternatives so you don’t have to slow down to have your say.

Benoit Nalin, General Manager of Nokia Philippines, said, “QWERTY is the fastest-growing mobile phone category in the world, with its popularity surging because of the rise in messaging and social media.
Over 2 billion people sent and received messages on their mobile phones in 2009. The number of people using SMS is expected to increase to 3 billion in 2013, with 90 percent of the growth coming from emerging markets. However it’s not just about SMS and email usage. Instant Messaging is rapidly rising as the membership to certain online communities and staying connected becomes critical for many.” he said.
Gone are the days when QWERTY devices were expensive and designed only for top-end business people. Today, youth and the young-at-heart can have phones made for messaging at very affordable prices.”
The new Nokia X2-01 is designed to keep people chatting. Its full QWERTY keyboard, combined with the 2.4” landscape QVGA display is ideal for typing, reading and editing email and offers quick access to email via a dedicated messaging key.
With the Nokia X2-01, it’s easy to check your favorite email services and IM communities. It also provides you with live updates from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter directly from the homescreen.
We know our consumers want to stay connected that’s why we’ve created one convenient place to navigate across multiple communities – there is no need to switch applications. Plus the live homescreen widget means people never miss out on important updates,” said Nalin.
Another great feature of the Nokia X2-01 is that it makes it easy to set up chat and email direct from the mobile phone with no PC required. This means super fast access to your favorite Ovi Mail, Ovi Chat or other popular accounts.
NOKIA X2-01 Features Specifications Review
The Nokia X2-01 is a Series 40 2G phone with VGA camera and FM radio. It has one-click access to the music player and has a 3.5mm AV connector ideal for headphones or speakers. It also has Bluetooth and can support up to an 8GB microSD memory card and has a standby battery time of up to 20 days.
The Nokia X2-01 has an SRP of PhP 4,950 and is available at all Nokia Stores and authorized retailers nationwide.
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