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Eating out, Shopping, Sightseeing, Taking holidays, Spa treatments, among others. These are what many Filipinos love to indulge. Team dinner? Team Building? Group Outing or Reunion?
Buyanihan.com offers you discounts ranging from 50 to 90 percent on Goods and Services. Buyanihan is the first ever group buying website in the Philippines where Filipinos can find the best deals or discounts offered by commercial establishments in the country. They’re called discount vouchers or coupons and consumers in the US, UK and some countries in Asia have been buying them online to avail themselves of items or services sold at half their usual prices.

Recent Buyanihan Offer in Cebu City: 33% discount on Sinulog Buffet at Glo Café and Lounge Crown Regency Hotel Cebu, Php 799 only! Read below for details or buy deal.
How Buyanihan.com's Deals and Offers work?
1. The deals are featured for a limited time only, not more than seven days. Buyers will be asked to sign up for the discounts and will be charged only if the minimum number of customers is reached and that will make the deal valid.
2. Group buying adds excitement to the buyer’s experience because those who like the discount promo so much will have to pass on the information to their social network to make the deal successful. If not enough sign up for the offer, the deal will not push through.
3. The easiest way to know about the different discounts being promoted is to sign up as a subscriber. Subscribers can even recommend to them what businesses they like to be featured on the website. “When consumers suggest deals, this gives companies 100% confidence that what is being offered is what buyers want" says Buyanihan.com founder Eddie Lee.
Cost-effective business strategy for Establishments.
Victor Fajardo, Buyanihan.com Vice President for Business Development says, “We’re the first to bring to the Philippines this business model. It is a cost-effective business strategy because a company can continue generating income even during their ‘off-season’ or ‘off-peak hours’. It is also a guaranteed means to increase brand/company awareness and bring in new customers to the business without resorting to paid advertisements. In a nutshell, the business, the brand and the customer base keeps growing. It’s a win-win.”
Advertising through E-newsletters, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter...
Eddie Lee concurs, “Companies, big or small, can turn their non-utilized capacities into upfront cash sales. Buyanihan.com features one deal at a time so that the company offering a deal enjoys the spotlight to itself. Through the website, our merchant-partners can reach directly customers 24x7. We promote the deals through e-newsletters, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. In like manner, customers will share the information virally if they like the deal.”
About Buyanihan
Launched on 2 August 2010, Buyanihan is the first ever group buying website in the Philippines where Filipinos can find the best deals or discounts offered by commercial establishments in the country. Products and services are offered at reduced prices for a limited period (1-7 days) and online consumers who want to get the items must sign up to commit to buy. Discount deals go live when the targeted number of buyers is reached during the time offer.
About Platform2u.com Phil. Inc.
Platform2u.com Phils. Inc. is a provider of a brand new complete e-commerce platform that small, medium and large enterprises who go into the Internet retailing industry, can use. The company began operations in July 2009 and the following month, it launched SMILDS.com, a fourth generation e-commerce solution that is now being used in the country by over 200 online retailers selling nearly 2,000 products on the Internet. The company’s vision is to be the largest e-commerce platform company in Asia Pacific, and to be the leader in providing a complete, brand new Business-to-Business-to-Consumer-to-Consumer (B2B2C2C) platform in Asia’s internet retailing industry.

For as low as P799 Eat All You Can with Brunch, Merienda and Dinner ALL IN of the scrumptious Sinulog Buffet at Glo Café and Lounge Crown Regency Hotel Cebu! (Valued at P1,200)
Click here to avail to this Deal at Buyanihan.com

Sinulog Buffet  at Crown Regency Hotel Golden Rules
◦ Purchase period is from January 6, 2011 to January 13, 2011 only.
◦ Redemption date is on January 16, 2011 only. (6:00 am – 10:00 pm) (Sinulog Festival)
◦ Present your coupon(s) at the Buyanihan Express Lane at Glo Café and Lounge.
◦ May buy as many coupons as you want.
◦ Coupons may be combined for group use.
◦ Strictly NO sharing for every buffet.
◦ For coupon inquiries contact Buyanihan Cebu Hotline at 0917-303-7987 or 032-318-5245
◦ For Sinulog Buffet Glo Cafe and Lounge inquiries, please contact Crown Regency at 032- 418-88-12
Sinulog Buffet  at Crown Regency Hotel Highlights
◦ Get an awesome view of the Sinulog parade from the Glo Café and Lounge!
◦ With location strategically known as the usual Sinulog parade route, see all of the contingents up close!
◦ Enjoy a scrumptious WHOLE DAY buffet of International dishes which comprises of Breakfast, Lunch, AM and PM Snacks and Dinner!
◦ Experience Crown Regency’s modern amenities for your entertainment and relaxation while the heat of the celebration is on. Pamper yourself with an outdoor swimming pool, body massage at Prana Medispa and many of their world class services.
◦ While you unwind, your children can enjoy the Vivo Play Room, 4-D Theater and more of our facilities where the fun never ends.
◦ Whole day dinner buffet stub can be upgraded to Sky Dinner Buffet with an additional charge of Php500.
◦ Groove and dance to the beat of the much-celebrated Mardi Gras and be amazed by these treats from the tallest hotel in the city. Pit Señor!
50% - 90% DISCOUNT IN RESTAURANTS, MALLS, HOTELS posted at Cebu Events Blog

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  1. I clicked this but there's no deal for this at Buyanihan.com :(

  2. Sorry to hear that. Deals at Buyanihan will exprire after a designed period of time the deal is offered to customers. This deal was offered last year (Jan 2011). Thanks for checking.