3rd Pinoy Pinoy Filipino Food Festival! at the Marco Polo Plaza Cebu!

By Miong - Sunday, June 20, 2010

You may Check Out Cafe Marco at the Marco Polo Plaza Cebu this week, Showcase of Filipino Food Variety during the 3rd Pinoy Pinoy Filipino Food Festival! at the Marco Polo Plaza Cebu! Chef Gene Gonzalez with his son Chef Gino Gonzalez exhibit their Modern Filipino Buffet.

Appetizers are Dried Squid and Pomelo Salad, Marinated Grilled Kesong Puti, Tinapa Pate and Pinsec Lasap; Main Course are US Beef Belly Asado, Pakbet Serbesa con Carcar, Puttanesca alla Buenisimo and Samal Rice; Desserts are Salabat Creme Brulee, Mango and Coconut Pannacotta and Dried Mango Sansrival.

This is Rice! it is called "Samal Rice" and yeah its black.
The Marco Polo Plaza, Cebu City’s finest hotel, treats you to another Culinary Journey this month with the launching of its 3rd Pinoy Pinoy! Food Festival at the Cafe Marco.
On June 20 to 26, the Marco Polo Plaza welcomes back one of Manila’s top celebrity chefs, Chef Gene Gonzalez, along with his son Chef Gino Gonzalez, as they return to Cebu to present a collection of treasured family recipes and once again share their famous brand of Filipino cuisine.
For those who don’t speak the native tongue, learn the true meaning of “masarap!” as you partake of The Modern Filipino Buffet, which includes the much-loved Adobo Rilletes with Nilasing sa Mangga, Sisig Terrine, Sinampalukang Sugbang Manok, Pakbet Serbesa con Bagnet, Lechon Cebu and more! These dishes complement Cafe Marco’s buffet spread of hot items, appetizers and desserts.
The multi-awarded Chef Gene is the owner/chef of Cafe Ysabel and Gino’s Fine Cuisine, among others, and is the founder of the Center for Asian Culinary Studies. He has honed his culinary skills through apprenticeships in France and Italy, and special courses at the Culinary Institute of America and California Culinary Academy. He is the only Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) awardee in Culinary Arts in the country, and has been honoured by the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP), the International Food Service Executive Association, the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Educators of the Philippines.

Chef Gene Gonzalez(right) and son Chef Gino Gonzalez
Aside from numerous appearances on TV programs, Gene also hosts his own show “Gene’s Cuisine,” on the Lifestyle Channel. He has authored several popular books on classic Filipino Cuisine, most notably “Cocina Sulipena,” heralding the culinary gems from his family’s hometown of Pampanga. Cocina Sulipena literally means “the cuisine of Sulipan,” a town considered a melting pot that blended Asian spices and European opulence into a cuisine that to this day defines what Filipino Cuisine is all about. Chef Gene’s other books include Fundamentals of Professional Cooking and Baking, East Meets West, and The Best of Pinoy Classic Cuisine “The Little Cookbook Series.”
“Pinoy Pinoy!” is part of the Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s much talked about “Culinary Journeys”, which already included France, South Africa, Cebu, Macau, and a whole lot more, as the hotel continuously aims to reward its customers and guests with new, distinctive and exciting cuisine. More international culinary adventures are planned for the rest of the year.
Lastly, this drink "Cebu Tomatoe Party" is refreshing. Served on us while we are waiting in the lobby for the official kick off of the event.

"Cebu Tomatoe Party"

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