PoliticalArena.com initiates Automated Election (PCOS) demo to Bloggers!

By Miong - Thursday, February 04, 2010

Politicalarena.com: Where Social Networking and Politics Meet
A very timely initiative of PoliticalArena.com as they collect Cebu Bloggers into a venue where they offer us the chance to observed and experienced how to used the Comelec's new PCOS Machines.
PCOS means Precinct Count Optical Scanner, the device to be used on the coming National and Local Elections and tagged as 'Automated Elections'. (An image inserted at the left, The actual PCOS machine) A PCOS device expert was their to do demo. The process is not really all throughout automated since we still need to fill up an official ballot by shading and loads it into the PCOS machine. What is automated is the counting of votes comapred to the old procedures where teachers are used to count the casted votes. 
Politicalarena.com is the country’s first socio-political networking site, developed to promote awareness and interactivity in the local political scene. It provides users with a common platform to access information about candidates and, at the same time, offers candidates with a venue to disseminate information to the public, real time.
Just like any other networking site, politicalarena.com encourages visitors to register and voice out their concerns, express their views, interact with candidates and learn more about Philippine politics. They could also post photos, upload videos and share their views through blogging, asking questions and posting testimonials.
The Partnership of Politicalarena.com and COMELEC hopes that blogger could help spread the new process of automated voting to help others who are not yet informed with the updates.

Automated Election (PCOS) demo to Bloggers! posted on Cebu Events Blog!
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  1. i am happy to know that there are a lot of people who are getting involved in this 2010 Automated Elections -especially the young ones. Let us help fellow voters, let’s help in educating one another.

  2. we really need a lot more of information drive regarding this timely topic.