Plantersbank Promotes to Cebu SME Ethics and Values Speakers Series

By Miong - Thursday, August 26, 2010

Plantersbank define its framework for a tripple bottom line approach by Combining Profit, Social Returns, and Environmental Management and Fair Practices on Equal and Equivocal terms.

Plantersbank Promotes to Cebu SME Ethics and Values Speakers Series
Plantersbank, the country’s lead bank for Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs, once again brings the SME Speaker Series to the Queen City if the South for this year’s second leg of the SME Speaker Series. The events takes place last August 26, 2010 at City Sports Club(fronting Cebu Marriott), Cebu City.
Help guide for Entrepreneur in making their business Grow and Prosper
Now on its third year touring the key cities nationwide, Plantersbank has been advocating SME enablement by getting renowned motivational speakers to talk about cutting edge ideas in management and entrepreneurship to help keep SMEs abreast with developments that may impact their decision making process and the way they managed their business.
The Cebu leg of SME Speaker Series brings one o f the country’s most sought-after motivational speaker, Anthony N. Pangilinan as guest lecturer, to talk about the importance of business values and how it can be a big factor in helping business a achieve greater productivity and financial gains.
This years theme: SME Ethics: Adding Values to your Business
Heeding the new administration’s call for “change”, the Plantersbank SME Speaker Series will tackle business values that can help guide entrepreneur in making their business grow and prosper, thus the theme, “SME Ethics: Adding Values to your Business”.
Eliminate the opportunities for corruption, long term financial gains for SMEs
In the previous years, we talk about how to manage a business during a difficult times and how to thrive despite the tough times. Now that most businesses are already showing signs of recovery from the economic downturn, we thought it best to promote good governance and instill good business values among our entrepreneurs. We believe that if we can eliminate the opportunities for corruption, our SME’s can benefit a lot because this could mean greater productivity and long term financial gains,” according to Plantersbank chairman and President Ambassador Jesus T. Tambunting.
The Cebu leg of SME Speaker Series is being presented in partnership with Bayan Business
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