Thursday, October 9, 2008

CBS T-shirt(Teaser)(modded)

Since Im not done yet with the front design, Im making this teaser post for the final back design which is the winning logo according to the official poll. Il be udpating this post as soon as Im done with the front Text design. Well that's all for now, I still have to study for my coming exams.hehe

P.S. We're still working with the front design.
Thanks for your patience.

I guess I am done, but still we can change it if you want.hehe
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5 comments: on "CBS T-shirt(Teaser)(modded)"

Cebu Blogger said...

hoy miong! abi nako white t-shirt.. black d ai? or sample lang na? aheheh

Miong said...

According to X's latest sms, black man ang shirt color.hehe

Anonymous said...

hi there...i guess makapili ra guro tag color sa shirt...i prefer black...nice ang back nga design kay i really like that orange logo...guess ang front design kay dili kaau catching sa mata...hehehe

test said...

taysa, tagpila man ni? puede utang? ^_^

Miong said...

c x atong pangutan on.hehe

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