Proposed 3 CBS Tshirt Design by Ianov

By Miong - Monday, October 13, 2008

I failed to attend the latest meetup of CBS last Saturday because of some valid reasons but later that day, Ianov and me finalize the Shirt design and add more options, some tweaks to meet the needs of the Cebu Bloggers.hehe X, I failed to post the uddates yesterday that's why Im doing it today na though na post ni ni Ianov sa iyang blog but he haven't send notification tru the groups email. So here's an update vis-a-vis with Prince(Ianov) post

Prince think of the 1st design to be more possessive that's why he make it looks like the one that wearing the shirt would be the talker of "Blogger ko Bai".

I have relayed to him the groups desire to achieve the white colored font on front and emphasizing the word BLOGGER. Here's the 2nd design:

Lastly, this option is to set a festive ambient for the front design which speaks Cebu of course.hehe

Im sorry if we made so many options that may affect the schedule of printing of shirts, X. Anyway if the Printing would really needs 2 weeks, I can suggest another option that can be done with just a week. For now.miong.

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  1. WOW!


    Thanks, MIONG and Lanov. Great work! Really...

    It's ok... naa pa man ta meet up this Oct 15, 2008
    sa Figaro, IT Park japon at 5pm to 8 pm.. hheeh

    see yah!

  2. miong! the last design rocks!!!!! pwede ko pahimo ug banner?.. lolz!

  3. Your welcome guys! ianov, the designer is Prince Ryan Gilig 1st Placer Cebu Web Awards 2006 organized by Cebu Chamber of Commerce(he represents UC-LM, his school) so no doubt our shirt design would be a masterpiece.hehe

  4. Wow! I love the designs miong! Galing! Hehe. =) My favorite is the first one! Haha. And then the 3rd one rocks too! =) Galing galing! :)

  5. Nice ang design sa shirt bro. :-) i want to have one.

  6. I like the 3rd design...pero I would love it if ang logo sa luyo pareha sa ka2ong Tentative design (K2ng dako nga logo bah...)

  7. nice pod btaw kung dako ang logo sa back side. but that's the voice of majority to have the minimal size.