I am now one year old...

By Miong - Wednesday, September 17, 2008

been long time of tranquil on the blogging scenarios.
im just too busy with my new Desktop PC.
im having it for 30K.(I'll blog about this soon)
few things that gets me busy are:
my career(worth it)
my undergrad studies(my choice)
and my new PC.
BUT my blog entry speaks off an Anniversary.
and that's related to my job.hehe
I am now one year old here in my dream job.
that makes me busy and live.hehe
at this age of 21.
i am now working in this type of firm.
and i'm blowing a horn for it.hehe
I love this job.
The company.
The people and the ambient of my office.
just different from the rest out there.
im just proud of it.
Anyway, its my one year here and
i'm hoping for a long stretch despite of
circumstances beyond my control.
Kudos for my job, for me,
and to all of us.
I must be blogging the next few days because
im slighly beheaded by time already because
of this schooling.hehe
Pre finals for tommorow on Calculus.
not so bad.
just L'hopitals rule that mistakenly called by
my classmate L-HOSPITAL for itsdifficulty
in delivering and my favorite topic
the maxima and minima that i am
thingking of just answer it instead
of the L's first.
I have to do review pa gyud and hope for
good results. God Bless
I'm crossing my fingers!hehe

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