Meaningful Banking with Metrobank, plus A Preview of website

By Miong - Friday, February 07, 2020

There can be no greater than meaningful banking when a bank pampers you and understand your needs for both to grow and prosper. Metrobank, with ways of banking revolves in giving meaningful banking gives more than just a services but a delightful experience.

Metrobank embraces change to make things better, advocating trustworthiness giving a hint of worry-free transactions, making things more secure. They are also pioneering new features such as card-less withdrawals and foster more on their online banking for everyones convenience.

Introducing Earnest.Ph
Now on Beta mode, developed by Metrobank, Earnest.Ph is a resource website for everyone to learn about investments. It's okay to visit the website even if you have zero knowledge about investing since Earnest approach is made simple. They've developed bite-sized lesson cards and easy-to-understand articles that cover the most basic investing concepts you need to know to start growing your money today.

From the the things they've learned from working at a bank and presented them in a way that's straightforward and as jargon-free as possible because they know it's not always easy to sift through the things you need to know when you want to invest.

For any feedbacks about the contents in the website, email them
All photos owned by Metrobank FB and Earnest.PH

Meaninful Banking and Earnest.PH Preview posted at Cebu Events Blog

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