ASUS ZenFone Live L1: For the Young people and Young-at-heart

By Miong - Thursday, April 18, 2019

Eyeing for a smartphone that can keep up your lifestyle either you belong to the young crowd or young at heart? The good thing with ASUS or any smartphone brand in general, they build smartphones with user’s “needs” in mind, thus, ASUZ ZenFone Live L1 is an output with their research and development. In its category, Zenfone Live L1 sports a bigger screen, longer battery life, hands free security access, 13MP Camera and a triple-slot sim-memory tray supporting up to 2TB microSD.

ASUS ZenFone Live L1 Top View

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 Mobile platform, ZenFone 5 is responsive at user’s demand and expected graphics rendering. Priced at 5,995 Pesos for the 2GB/16GB variant and 4,995 Pesos for the Android Go variant 1GB/16GB.

5.5 Inches Full View 18:9 Display in 5 Inches Body
A bigger and brighter 5.5 inches full view 18:9 display almost ditching the bezel frame allowing more screen size. Aside from being lightweight, it provides better gripping. Eyes off from your TV or laptop as the 18:9 display provides wider, cleared and brighter movie viewing experience on the go.

ASUS ZenFone Live L1 showing the Power and Volume Buttons

13MP Rear Camera
Up to F2.0 wide aperture and phase-detection autofocus gives the users the full control to capture what’s attracts the eyes into an image saved to Live L1. Multiple Camera modes and filters such as Beauty, Panorama and Time Lapse modes enable new perspective in your daily imaging consumption.

ASUS ZenFone Live L1 Back View showing the 13MP Camera and LED flash

ASUS ZenFone Live L1 Camera Portrait Mode: Sample Straight out of Camera shots

In portrait mode, you are adding depth to how your subject appear on the photo against the other essential characters in the frame. To compare with more higher category ASUS portrait mode features, ASUS ZenFone Live L1 doesn't have user adjustment on the deepness of the subject. I'm talking about ASUS Zenfone 5 where there's setting of how the user wants the deepness should render in the photo. Check this ASUS Zenfone review for more details.

More No Filter or no edit camera samples from ASUS Zenfone Live L1

One Tray Stowing three modules hardware feature
Well this hardware design is somewhat efficient and clean, where you seat your external memory (up to 2TB microSD) and two Sims into one spacious tray for a clean hardware topography but this just means when you want to try to eject your external memory, it also means downtime for your SIMs since all of them will be unseated from the phone. But I think this drawback is something that everyone can live with.

ASUS ZenFone Live L1 showing its Upper Half body Features

ZenUI 5 Intelligent Feature
What leads from these group of features is Face detect or Unlock. What more gives convenience when you can unlock your phone or launch a feature hands free. Zenfone Live L1 lets you unlock your device quickly, safely with great resources up to hundred millions of face images for recognition correctness. Also applicable to unlock App and launch them when correct face is validated.

Final Say, ASUS ZenFone Live L1 is available in the following variants:
  • ZenFone Live L1 in 2GB/16GB priced at 5,995 Pesos
  • ZenFone Live L1 Android Go in 1GB/16GB priced at 4,995 Pesos
at its price level, the ZenFone Live L1 is up by a notch from competitors with features that are considerably targeted to the youth ages starting from 18 to 24 years old. In fact its very affordable with above mid range Camera features such as Time Lapse or stop motion videos and Portrait mode. Build wise, a 5.5 inches full view display in a 5 inch body is something to consider, very light to carry and fits well with your palm grips.

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