Print for only 10 cents per page with HP Ink Tank 315 or 415 Wifi All-In-One

By Miong - Thursday, June 21, 2018

HP realizes that in today’s fast-paced world where the success or failure of a business depends on how quickly it can provide quality products and services, thus has introduced two hardworking printers that are becoming the trusted partners of productivity-driven business owners.

HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 All-In-One (AIO) printer and HP Smart App

HP Tri-Color Ink Bottle or Black Ink Bottle Capcity
The HP Ink Tank 315 All-In-One (AIO) printer and HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 AIO printer can easily print up to 8,000 pages using a tri-color bottle set or 6,000 pages with an HP black ink bottle. Entrepreneurs who demand maximum work output will appreciate the value of these products.

A cost-effective way to drive savings for every business as they can produce huge volumes of quality printouts at an extremely low cost per page with these HP printers. This is made possible through the printers’ high-capacity ink tank system and relatively affordable HP ink bottles that make for spill-free refills. They can count on the HP Ink Tank 315 and HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 AIO printers to increase customer satisfaction with excellent printouts that feature darker and crisper text, sharper colored images, and photos that can last up to 22 times longer.

Multi-Tasking and HP Smart App
While multi-tasking entrepreneurs will find the HP Ink Tank 315 AIO printer up to the challenge as it can accommodate scan or copy jobs even while printing. Those who work on a hectic schedule can directly print or scan from any device by connecting their smart phone or tablet to the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 AIO printer using the HP Smart app.

Increased customer satisfaction and savings with the HP Ink Tank 315 and HP Ink Tank Wireless 415. Get these AIO printers at any authorized HP resellers nationwide.

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