Celebrate Starbucks passion for Coffee this lunar New Year & Love month

By Miong - Thursday, February 11, 2016

A perfect gift to celebrate a fun, loving, energetic and cheerful 2016, welcome the Year of the Monkey with My Starbucks Reward limited edition Lunar New Year Card to celebrate the special festivities of the Lunar new year while spending time with family and friends in ringing in the year ahead. And with few days before the feast of Saint Valentine, start sharing your love with someone special with the limited edition My Starbucks Reward Valentine’s Day Card. These collectors item Starbucks card are up until February 22, 2016.

With a wintry kind of morning air and breeze brought by the monsoons, get warmed with Starbucks ' collection of masterfully roasted packaged coffees fêting Starbucks passion for coffee and pairs well with sweet Lunar new year treats such as the Guatemala Casi Cielo. A Latin American coffee with elegant flavor complexity, a unique floral aroma, lemon-like acidity and dark cocoa finish. This complements well with chocolate, nuts, caramel, berry, lemon, herbs and cheese and perfect for a variety of special occasions at home.

A thing of pure romance, this coffe complements well with milk and dark chocolate. Created in Seattle restaurant way back 1975 known as 80/20 blend, now officially called Caffè Verona, named after the city that inspires so many.

Starbucks Reserve Whole Bean features coffee that exemplifies the quality of Panama Carmen Estate as rich volcanic soil, cool nights and sun-filled days cinfluenced the distinctive taste of elegant florals and bright lemony citrus notes with nutty candy sweetness. And Costa Rica La Candelilla Starbucks Reserve Whole Bean is distinct with its bright and citrusy cocoa notes complementing citrus, nuts and chocolate flavours.

Indulge in decadent beverages inspired by the elegance of Candy confections. Strawberry Red Velvet Mocha is a deliciously rich red velvet sauce combined with mocha, steamed milk, our signature espresso and lovingly topped with cheesecake whipped cream, and lightly sprinkled with real strawberry bits. With a decadent white chocolate chestnut sauce and finished with whipped cream and chestnut drizzle to Starbucks signature espresso and steamed milk makes up Chestnut White Chocolate Truffle. Also available in Frappuccino blended beverage until February 22.

Aside from your special someone, you would need to find something that you can enjoy as you sip your favorite coffee. Celebrate the new year with new food items that you can enjoy with your favorite Starbucks drinks. Featured for this love month are Calamansi Cheesecake, salted Belgian Chocolate cookie, Katsu Roll filled with juicy fried chicken fillet coated with tonkatsu sauce, Ham and Cheese on French Baguette, Chicken Teriyaki wrap and Chicken tomato Chicken Pasta.
Starbucks new food items recently introduced are Moist and light vanilla Birthday Cake and cream cheese frosting with pastel colored sprinkles. Added also to the list is Spinach Lasagna, layers of al dente lasagna made full with creamy tomato spinach filling. Now also available, Starbucks Coffee Rolls with a new take on crispy wafer rolls, infused with Starbucks Espresso Roast in a special tin can packaging. Food items such as Scone, Blueberry Muffin, Three-Cheese Croissant and Maple Oat Scone are exclusive Food Items only at six Starbucks  Reserve stores nationwide.

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