Tara Na! Suroy-Suroy Ta! Travel and Events TV show at TV5

By Miong - Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tara Na! Suroy-Suroy Ta! (Let's go! Travel with us!) is a one hour TV show about events and travel that will air every Sunday from 7:30-8:30 in the morning at TV5. Tara Na! aims to procide Filipino vierwers fresh information about recent events and travel destinations as wells as happenings to prepare for.
Tara Na! will be hosted by Cordova Vice Mayor "Teche" Sitoy Cho (Mary Therese), Gino Galicia and Benjoe Leoncio, TV5 Artista Academy graduate, a talent search by TV5 Manila.

Tara Na! will have its pilot episode on June 21, 2015 that will surely catch the attention of the class A to D markets and the growing population of young professionals.

The concluding group photo during June 9, 2015 Launching at Humabon Function Room of Cebu Parklane International Hotel with Tara Na! show host: Gino Galicia (2nd from left), Therese "Teche" Sitoy Cho and Benjoe Leoncio with media relations Emma Villarente and rest of the staff that makes up Tara Na!

Tara Na! will aslo feature Product Launchings and updates on the latest trends and deals.

Tara Na! Suroy-Suroy Ta! Travel and Events TV Show posted at Cebu Events Blog

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