Parkmall stayed True of being a Cebuano Mall, now on its 6th Year

By Miong - Tuesday, October 14, 2014

PARKMALL, one of the first open-air lifestyle centers with a shopping facility and the longest Al-fresco dining strip in Cebu will celebrate its 6th year Anniversary this month with a month-long of Activities and Events. The Mall was opened October 17, 2008 which acts as one of the catalyst for development in North Reclamation area since at that time the area was not as busy and commercially rich area as it is today. Only private vehicles passed by the area and no Jeepney routes passing by. Now, Parkmall has overcome the odds as they celebrate six long years of turning difficulties into opportunities, staying committed to excellence and are consciously aiming to be a relevant part of the Cebuano community by being a venue for their joys and passions.

Parkmall General Manager Neal Carlson Co said:
"Parkmall was intended to bring back the simplicity of families spending quality time together, it's about the nostalgia of childhood, playing silly games in the Park, casual picnics outdoors, weekend family get-together over meals."

Parkmall's design, characterized by a landscaped garden embracing the mall structure makes it the pioneering hybrid mall in Cebu incorporating eco-friendly design elements. Architect James Co, Managing Director and the primary designer of Parkmall said:
"Parkmall has found its niche and we are very happy with what we have accomplished, we are proud what we have stayed true to our core of being a Cebuano mall, with Cebuano values, committed to give a unique experience to our patrons."
As promised, see below array of Events and Activities prepared by Parkmall to mall patrons and frequenters with Cebuano lifestyle and festivities:

Week 1 is dedicated for Relaxation, thus, this highlights Cebuano's passion for music, love  and flowers.

  • October 1-14 - Flower and Garden Expo
  • October 3-4  - Celebrating Cebu 

Ceremonial Toasts of Parkmall's 6th year Anniversary during Media Night, Anniversary celebration and Campaign Relaunch
  • October 4 - Media Night : Anniversary celebration and Campaign Relaunch

  • October 5 - OctoberPets

  • October 6-12 - Strings: A Guitar Exhibit
  • October 1-21 - #LoversInParkmall

Week 2 is Thanksgiving week to portray Cebuano trait as God-Fearing charitable community thru  the support of the Pink Awareness campaign
  • October 11 - Pink Pawsitive
  • October 10-11 - Celebrating Cebu Talents | violin Performance by Aldrin Nino Beltran
Week 3 will spoil oneself with Self Indulgence theme. Spa treatments, salon visits, shopping discounts and food treats and promos
  • October 13 - Mechanical Engineering Week
  • October 13-19 - Indulgence Sale

  • October 17-18 - Celebrating Cebu Talents | VisPop Concert by Earl Andrei Ornopia and Kenneth Corvera (Freon), Jewel Villaflores and Jerica Teodorico
  • October 17 - Horror Booth Spooktacular Opening
Week 4 should be special with Festivities and conclusing month of the month-long activities.
  • October 24-25 - Celebrating Cebu Talents | Bisrock by Aggressive Audio and Ruthless 7.
  • October 25 - Pawnshionista
  • October 25 - Hyperhalloween
  • October 25 - Big Bike Event
  • October 25 - Light Up the Sky | LED Balloon Lighting at Parkmall

Myka performed "Walk" live with MagTV hosts Jonathan Cimafranca and Phoebe Kaye Fernandez

Parkmall has also successfully launched their new TVC and new brand campaign "Life is a Walk in Parkmall". A highly emotive thematic execution that would reflect meaning to Parkmall's new essence that everything you do in Parkmall is a walk through life. Watch Parkmall's TVC here: Parkmall Cebu Facebook Page

Parkmall's Life is a Walk TVC is directed by Award winning Film-maker and cinematographer Lyle Sacris with soundtrack original composition by Myka titled "Walk"

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