Breeze SigeLand No-cash Toy Store but a Mom's Promise to Child instead

By Miong - Wednesday, September 04, 2013

After the successful Breeze’s first ever Sigeland event at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall, Breeze held a second run of the Sigeland at the Ayala Activity Center in Cebu, where moms and kids alike were welcomed to take part in fun activities as well as bring home a toy from the first toy store that does not accept cash!

Carmina Villaroel & Mavy suring Sigeland event at the SM Mall of Asia
Breeze believes that stains come from playing and exploring are good because it builds life experiences and teaches lessons. This is an attitude they wish to instill in mothers turning them into Sige Moms, so that they encourage their children to try new things and learn important values along the way. Sigeland provides a perfect venue by which this can happen.

Breeze Sige Land at Ayala Center Cebu Activity Center
The very first of its kind. Breeze proudly welcome Moms and kids in Sigeland where they took home toys without paying for them in cash, moms instead had to make a promise to say yes to stains, and yes to learning. Each toy was assigned a “price” that moms had to pay. A child’s painting set is priced by “teaching your child creativity” on it, and moms must teach the child the value of creativity as payment for the toy. Other values included courage, confidence, and sportsmanship, offering a wide array of toy choices to pick from. Kids took home bikes, basketball hoops, inflatable pools, art sets, scooters and so much more.
Breeze believes that children learn from their own independent experiences. By learning through toys, Sige kids are given the opportunity to experience their lessons through hands-on activities, translating abstract ideas into concrete form.

Breeze Sige Land at Ayala Center Cebu Activity Center
More than 1500 toys were given away. Instead of Cash Payments, cashiers were set up to accept promises via Facebook. Sige mom’s can avail the toys, by using the Sigeland Facebook App to “cash in” their promise of teaching their kids a lesson.  The no-cash toy store operates on the belief that if stains from playing lead to learning, then “Sige sa Mantsa!”
Sige Mom Dawn Zulueta, graced the event who experienced shopping at Sigeland. 10 lucky winners get the chance to have a photo taken with her.

Breeze Sige Land at Ayala Center Cebu Activity Center
Time for moms to stop saying 'No' and instead say "Sige sa mantsa!" Breeze Sige Land proved to be a fun venue for moms to bond with kids through a most memorable shopping experience that teaches them values and lessons along the way. This experience is a reminder that every stain leads to something good and that thanks to Breeze, our "Sige Moms" don't have to worry about stains and can focus on ensuring their childs life experience.

The all new Breeze with ActivBleach is packed with a superior formulation to help moms cope with the toughest stains due to their children’s various activities. It uses a 4-enzyme technology that removes more stains, and a patented whitening agent that brings perceivable whiteness right after the first wash. This fast-acting ingredient works right on target, freeing moms from worrying about stains and dirt. A unique AD system was also added for better bula, while special melamine encaps ensure better fragrance delivery and keep laundry smelling fresh and clean.
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