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By Miong - Thursday, August 01, 2013

"Hilot" has been so popular among traditional method of healing and easing any physical discomfort even before technology has entered into the landscape of eliminating body pain. A decline on the population of "Manghihilot" and their patrons is also observed especially in the urban where easy access to modern ways of easing body pains.
SHUI Wellness Hilot Healing Spa in Cebu is an advocate to the traditional "Hilot" Massage and brought back into the urban areas the traditional massage of early Filipinos for everyone to experience. Shui’s Hilot Healing Techniques has been crafted to perfection that evolves in the very concept of Shui Hilot which is to evenly distribute the body’s temperature to ease pains and allow proper circulation.

A 90-minute Shui Hilot Massage with Ventosa Cupping and Dagdagay (Filipino Foot Therapy) is a truly relaxation. The treatment begins with a Ventosa Therapy or more commonly known as cupping. Stress is melted away as your tensed back muscles are softened. Followed by Foot Dagdagay Hilot that uses bamboo sticks to stimulate hilot points around your feet that are connected to different organs of the body. Lastly, the whole body Hilot evens out the distribution of your body temperature which relieves you from pains and stress.

  • Shui Spa Suob (steaming for detoxification)
  • Shui Spa Wellness Consultation
  • Shui Spa Tuob
  • Shui Ventosa (prevents toxins from building up in the form of “Lamig“ or "Panuhot" followed by a back Hilot using a deep long stroke “Hagod”
  • Shui Dagdagay at Banyos sa Paa (Filipino Foot Therapy) (using Bamboo sticks to stimulate hilot points around your feet that are connected to different organs of your body)
  • Shui Spa Whole Body Hilot Healing (long stroke technique "Hagod" with virgin coconut oil)
  • Shui Spa "ki" (Shui's version Yogalates fusing Asia, Western, European modalities)
  • Shui Spa Localized Hilot (Sprain Massage)
  • Shui Spa Saroy (Sarap at Aroy) (Ultra hard hilot)
  • Shui Spa Herbal Body Scrub (whole body scrub using salt herbal extract)

A complimentary cup of green tea after the relaxing Spa
Shui Wellness Hilot Healing Spa is located at 2nd Flr Tanaka Bldg 869 AS Fortuna St. Mandaue City, Cebu (adjacent with BDO AS Fortuna Branch). Shui Wellness Hilot Healing Spa is open Mondays to Sundays from 2:00 PM to 3:00 AM.

Shui Wellness Hilot Healing Spa can be reached at the following Contact Numbers below:
Mobile: 09177216327
Landline: (032) 511 2205
Twitter: @SHilothealing
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