Kadaugan sa Mactan & Kadaugan Street Party Schedule of Activities

By Miong - Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it."
It was on April 27, 1521 when the Battle of Mactan took place in what is called now The Liberty Shrine. The City of Lapu-Lapu is commemorating the Battle of Mactan by a Re-enactment of what was believed that happen during the battle of Mactan every 27th day of April. A historical landmark full with week-long activities and Events.

Lapu-lapu City Digital Tourism Initiative
To extend the celebration of the Kadaugan sa Mactan, the City of Lapu-Lapu is also giving the Oponganons and all the Filipinoes in general the chance to experience how the men of Datu Lapu-lapu celebrate victory through Kadaugan Street Party. A two-day festivities to conclude and re-visit history by remembering what the first Filipino Hero, Datu Lapu-lapu has done to the country.

Posted below are the week-long Events and Activities og Kadaugan sa Mactan 2013:
April 197:00AMLapu-lapu City AuditoriumFloral Offering with Air Force Band, Honor Guards
6:00PMLiberty ShrineOpening of Food Festival
April 206:00AMLiberty ShrineFood Festival
7:00PMMask Dance Extravaganza
9:00PMLive Band
April 216:00PMLiberty ShrineFood Festival
9:00PMLive Band
April 226:00PMLiberty ShrineFood Festival
9:00PMLive Band
April 236:00PMLiberty ShrineFood Festival
7:00PMFlair Tending Competition
9:00PMLive Band
April 246:00PMLiberty ShrineFood Festival
9:00PMLive Band
April 256:00PMLiberty ShrineFood Festival
9:00PMLive Band
April 267:00AMM.L. Quezon National HighwayKadaugan Street Party Ingress
8:00PM360 Stage Fronting LLC Sports ComplexReyna Bulakna Pre-Judging
6:00PMLiberty ShrineFood Festival
8:00PMPre-Battle Ritual
9:00PMFireworks Display
April 276:00AMLiberty ShrineHoly Mass
8:00AMFlag Raising
Military Honors (21 Gun Salute) Philippine Air Force Contingent
9:00AMKSM Re-enactment
Viewing Stage/VIP Stage
9:05AMProgram ProperWelcome Remarks
10:10AMFlower Drop
3:00PMM.L. Quezon National HighwayKadaugan Street Party
4:00PMClosure Of Lanes
Photography Contest
7:00PMRampada Street Dancing Competition
9:00PMRampada Showdown Judging
11:00PMAnnouncement Of Winners

Fireworks/Street Party


April 15, 2013  Deadline of Submission of Entries

April 16, 2013 – Tuesday Reyna Bulakna Rehearsals
7:00 P.M. City Hall Grounds
April 18, 2013 – Thursday Reyna Bulakna Pictorials

April 23-24, 2013 Rampada General
Tuesday & Wed Rehearsals

April 26, 2013 – Friday Kadaugan Street Party Day 1
7:00 A.M Closure of the M.L. Quezon
Road fronting City Hall
8:00 AM Ingress
(Putting –up stage, tents, etc.)
4:00 PM (Start Photography Contest)
6:00 PM Cosplay Contest
(Stage 1 – near 2nd Bridge)
7:00 PM Higante Contest

7:30- 10:00 PM Reyna Bulakna
(360 Stage in front of City Hall)

9:00PM-3:00AM Live Band Concerts

April 27, 2013-Saturday Kadaugan Street Party Day 2
7:00-10:00PM RAMPADA Street Dancing
& Judging

10:00-3:00AM Live Band Concerts
Street Party @diff. stages

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