Starfield One Night Worship Concert in Cebu, Iloilo and Pampanga

By Miong - Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Praised God with Music and Prayers, level it up with one night worship concert with STARFILED on September 18, 2012 at J Centre Mall Convention Hall Mandaue City Cebu. Starfield is a Canadian Worship and Christian band with recogntions in Canada, the US, United Kingdom, and Europe with yearly concert tours and conference appearances. Starfield famous praise and Christian songs are "HOSANNA", "THE SAVING ONE", "ALIVE IN THIS MOMENT", "SON OF GOD", "THE KINGDOM", "I WILL GO", "FILLED WITH YOUR GLORY", "REIGN IN US" and "UNASHAMED".

Starfield is led by brothers Tim and Jon Neufeld, Starfield has spent the last 10 years partnering with churches and ministries, leading students and congregations in passionate and energetic worship.

Starfield Discography
2004 - Self-titled major label debut Album
2006 - “Beauty in the Broken” Album
2008 - “I Will Go” Album
2010 - “The Saving One”.

The Starfield One night Worship Concert in Cebu is brought by Becca Music, IncBecca Music, Inc. is a ministry that provides Christian worship concerts and conferences that minister to local churches throughout Southeast Asia. Starfield will also be sharing their testimony and give an altar call during the worship event concert.
Starfield has gone beyond the music industry and more directly into partnerships with the local Church, Starfield made an incredible debut in Manila at Saved Festival 2011, now Starfield will be coming back to usher the Filipino people once again into the presence of The Saving One.
Comment down below if you want a sample mp3 of Starfiled band's music.
I can let you download mp3 from Starfield on songs like:
  1. Starfield - Hosanna.mp3
  2. Starfield - Alive In This Moment.mp3
  3. Starfield - I Will Go.mp3
  4. Starfield - Son Of God.mp3
  5. Starfield - The Hand That Holds The World.mp3
  6. Starfield - The Kingdom.mp3
  7. Starfield - The Saving One.mp3
Post your email below and I will give you link to download mp3 of Starfield Praise hits and share to your friends.
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  1. @Mark Falcon, I'd sent the audio sample through your email.

  2. who can I ask for more details about the concert?

  3. For inquiries, you can contact Becca Music, Inc. at Phone numbers: (632) 910-5524 or (632) 910-5352; Email at; or log on to their website at