Sooo Pinoy Food Trip Cebu: Chikaan sa Cebu Utan BIsaya Ampalaya & Dilis

By Miong - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Unilever Food Solution Sooo Pinoy aims to help Filipinos discover more about the diverse Filipino cuisine. On the first day of Sooo Pinoy Food Trip in Cebu, the fourth stop restaurant is Chikaan sa Cebu in JY square Lahug Salinas Drive to taste a truly Cebuano food - Utan Bisaya soup (a staple vegetable soup) and Ampalaya with Dilis (balsam apple with dried anchovy). The dishes are easy to prepare because it is readily available in any Cebuano's backyard garden and dilis are abundant in Visayan seas.

Chikaan sa Cebu Salinas Drive Lahug
Chikaan sa Cebu version of Utan Bisaya reflects the way Cebuano cook Utan, as a Cebuano since birth, I am one of those who benefited from the nutritious soup and vitamins from vegetable that you can get in eating Utan Bisaya.

Chikaan sa Cebu "Utan Bisaya" or "Kinamungayan nga Isda"
Either fried fish or dried fish is used to add flavour to the Utan Bisaya which compose vegetables like Malunggay (moringa), Eggplant, Talbos ng kamote, Gabi, String Beans and more.

Chikaan sa Cebu "Ampalaya with Dilis"
Filipino is not used to eat with only one dish in the table, most of the time if the budget permits or especially there's an occasion in the family, a couple or number of dishes is prepared in the table. Chikaan sa Cebu's Amaplaya with Dilis is one of the dishes that are used to be prepared in the Cebuano table vis-a-vis with Utan Bisaya and other main dishes.
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