IBM Smart Computing for Cebu's Business Transformation & Growth

By Miong - Wednesday, February 01, 2012

IBM brought to Cebu "IBM Smarter Computing Approach" event which is focused on Retail and Manufacturing Industries. The IBM Smarter Computing session was held at Marriott Hotel Cebu City February 1 2012 for local clients and business partners to help create action plan to reveal business value, solve tough information technology issues and enable transformation plus growth in emerging markets like Cebu and the Visayas Region.

Raymond Moy, Retail Industry Manager of IBM ASEAN talks about Smarter Retail.
Innovation and technology have helped manufacturers build smarter products in less time and less cost. But again, many Manufacturers failed to live up to embrace the available technology and had since lag behind left behind into limbo.

Randy Sng IBM ASEAN Manufacturing Industry Manager discuss Manufacturing Value Chain - Smarter Manufacturing.
Though the retail industry is experiencing significant growth especially in the country because of rapid urbanization and happening all throughout the country which contributes to the Philippine economy.

Lope Doromal Jr., Chief Technologist of IBM Philippines primers Smarter Computing
IBM introduced its Smarter Computing approach to information technology last year as a way for Organizations to realize greater efficiencies, improved reliability and better performance, all at effective costs. IBM Smarter Computing Strategy centers around 3 fundamental aspects:
  • Leveraging Analytics to exploit vast amounts of data for Business Goals
  • Utilizing optimized systems that are designed for specific tasks; and
  • Managing as much of the IT as possible with Cloud-Computing Technologies
IBM brings to Cebu the Smart Computing Approach to Business posted at Cebu Events Blog

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