South American Cuisine in Cebu is Santiago Restaurant at Days Hotel Mactan

By Miong - Thursday, July 21, 2011

Santiago Restaurant of South America is now in Cebu!
Santiago Restaurant offers Food and beverage facility offering what has come to be known as the South American continent Cuisine. Have the best of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia and Guyana. These countries food share some common ingredients with Filipino food like fresh seafoods, pork potatoes, corn, okra, rice and tropical fruits. With 62 options for Appetizers alone, Rice come in 62 varieties, Main dishes count some 40 items, now name your pick!

Santiago Restaurant's "CEVICHE" (its Kinilaw in native language)

Days Hotel Santiago's "Vatapa" (Brazilian Cuisine)
Santiago Restaurant Cebu is yet another reflection of the idea of the President of the DAYS brand in the Philippines – young hotel owner Chef, Mr. James Concepcion. His Ziggurat Food Temple in Makati is popular of only authentic Indian, Mediterranean, African and Middle eastern (IMAM) cuisine selections and was Lonely Planet's Editor’s pick last June 2009. Chef James launch Santiago Restaurant first in Cebu making it the flagship location.
Mr. Mario Benitiz, Days Hotel F&B Director with Santiago Restaurant's Chef
From the Incans of Peru to the conquering of Spain and the influenced of French characterized the South American cookery. Diversity of cultural and cuisinary influences of a veritable Nations which paves the way to South American Cuisine.

Santiago Restaurants with the South American ambient
Indeed, Santiago Restaurant at Days Hotel Mactan has a recipe in the menu the size of a continent.
Santiago Restaurant in Cebu is located at:
Days Hotel Philippines – Mactan, Cebu
Airport Road, Matumbok, Pusok Hills
Mactan Island, Lapu-lapu City,
Cebu, Philippines
Tel. No. +63 32 495 5381 495 5385, 495 5386

Santiago Restaurant - MANILA SALES OFFICE
Penthouse, Virra Building,
500 P. Burgos Street,
Makati City, Philippines
Tel No. +63 2 897 1111
Fax No. +63 2 899 0809

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