How GLOBE Super Facebook works and GLOBE TATTOO Latest Deals

By Miong - Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another innovative offer from Globe Telecom to all of its Subscribers this Summer and the whole year round. Globe Super Facebook and Globe Tattoo Surftxt Deals are just some of the best ways to stay online and enjoy favorite social networking site straigth from you mobile phones at a very affordable rate.
How Globe Super Facebook works?
What is Super Facebook?
Joanna Africa, Head for Portfolio Management of Globe Telecom says “This offer is for all subscribers who just can’t live without Facebook. As one of the most popular social networking sites in the world today, Facebook continues to evolve to provide its users with a slew of interesting features. From posting or liking a status, sending comments, uploading photos and videos, playing games, and downloading different Facebook applications, every Facebook fanatic will surely enjoy our offer because it’s very affordable and so easy to use, Through this offer, we have brought the popularity of Facebook to our subscribers’ mobile phones, making it more convenient for them to truly enjoy Facebook, their way.”
Globe Super Facebook is a mobile surfing plan that allows subscribers to surf on Facebook on their mobile phones for 5 straight hours for only P10. This means that Globe Super Facebook users can enjoy Facebook for only P2 per hour of use. To access Facebook on their mobile phones, subscribers can open their mobile browsers and key in
To register to the service, Globe Prepaid subscribers can text SUPERFB10 to 8888. Upon successful registration, users will receive a confirmation via text message that the offer can already be availed. Users must maintain P1.00 worth of prepaid load to continue enjoying the service.
How to avail GLOBE Consumable Mobile Surfing Plan?
Uusers who surf Facebook from time to time can subscribe to Globe PowerSurf, the consumable mobile surfing plan from Globe. Globe PowerSurf allows users to surf and stop as they wish and have full control on how they use their mobile internet minutes. It is available in three affordable variants; Globe PowerSurf15 for 1 hour consumable mobile internet access available for P15 and valid for 1 day, Globe PowerSurf30 for 3 hours of mobile internet access available for P30 and valid for 1 day, and Globe PowerSurf50 for 5 hours for mobile internet access available for P50 valid for 3 days. Text POWERSURF15, POWERSURF30 or POWERSURF50 to 8888 to avail of any of the mobile data plans.
Only Tattoo can get you up and surfing and texting for hours on end, no matter the weather.   
If you’re not much for phone calls but do texting and web surfing, then SurfTxt60 from Tattoo is just what you’ve always wanted.
Powered by Globe and unmatched by any other broadband brand, the SurfTxt60 promo will net you nonstop texting and all-you-can web browsing for a full 24 hours, all for the bargain price of only 60 pesos. For a whole day, you can text, browse, blog, view pics and post all the status updates your heart desires, without worrying about running out of load.
All you need is your Tattoo USB stick or SIM and at least P65 worth of load, so you can surftxt the summer away. If you’re grabbing a brand-new Tattoo, it already comes with 125 surfing hours and 2000 text messages to tide you over for the first 30 days. When the month is up, load up again to get SURFTXT60. It’s only available till April 30 so sign up now by texting SURFTXT60 to 8888.
Globe Tattoo Barkada Buy 3, Get 1 Free promo
Love the new barkada-friendly Buy 3, Get 1 Free promo that gets you a free Tattoo stick for every three sticks that you purchase.  The package costs only P3,735, which means you save up to 25% and you’ll get each Tattoo stick for only P933.75 versus the regular price of P1,245 per stick.  Just drop by any Globe Store before April 30 to get you and your buddies online in a flash.  Then get on the net and post your summer escapades for all your friends to see. Make your mark in cyberspace and all your adventures will transform you into the most popular kid on the block.  With your new Tattoo sticks, you’ll be the fiercest foursome on the beach, at the mall, and just about anywhere this summer.

With Tattoo, we want you to be free to do the things you love, to show everyone what’s cool and unique about yourself. Not only do we have a whole array of gadgets like our Tattoo Superstick, which lets you browse the web at speeds up to 3Mbps, and the Tattoo MyFi which goes as high as 2Mbps, but this summer, you can also take your pick from our offers and find the one that lets you feed your passion and your desire to show the world what you are all about.” says Globe Head of the Nomadic Broadband Business and Tattoo Brand Director Dong Ronquillo.
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  1. i bought a globe tattoo sim and then why i cant use the free 1 hour powersurf? it's killing me...

  2. Hi, have you tried registering first?

    Text POWERSURF15 to avail of any of the mobile data plans.
    1 hour consumable mobile internet access available for P15 and valid for 1 day