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Now you don’t have to worry about not having a BIKINI BODY to flaunt this summer because you now have SKECHERS SHAPE-UPS to help you get KIM KARDASHIAN-SEXY One Step at a Time. With the Summer Season just around the corner, everyone’s starting to plan their sexy outfits that will best show off their curves, just like US REALITY TV star KIM KARDASHIAN who is considered to be one of Hollywood’s best when it comes to BEACH BODIES.
Everyone can expect KIM Kardashian to always step out in glammed up outfits that best show off her enviable womanly curves. And why wouldn’t she, especially with the amount of effort that she puts into keeping in shape?

With such a fast-paced lifestyle, a Hollywood celebrity like KIM Kardashian who was first seen as PARIS HILTON'S sidekick after NICOLE RICHIE and who made it big in the reality television show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” on E! can definitely make use of all the help that she can get to simplify her fitness routine – something that a lot of women can relate to. Whether it’s because of work or other duties, people always come up with some form of excuse to not work out but thanks to Kim there’s now a more heightened awareness about SKECHERS SHAPE-UPS.
How Skechers Shape-Ups Works for you?
This special line of shoes is geared towards providing women and men with the workout that they need – but have no time (or motivation) for. As the new spokeswoman for SKECHERS SHAPE-UPS, KIM Kardashian is now able to show people how easy it is to develop their very own fitness routine that works, use Shape Ups and walk!
Burn more Calories while Walking with Shape-Ups!
Skechers Shape-Ups has been specially designed to help users burn more calories while they walk, reduce joint and back stress, and tone muscles.
Shape-ups are technical shoes designed to strengthen muscles, promote weight loss, and improve posture. Featuring a rocker-bottom outsole and Resamax(TM) kinetic wedge that together simulate walking on soft sand, Shape-ups provide a constant natural instability, activating muscles with every step.

Works for People who find hard time to Workout.
Ideal for people like Kim who’s always on the go, Skechers Shape-Ups can easily help industry professionals get the workout that their bodies need even while at work. Through a unique, soft kinetic wedge insert and dynamic rolling bottom, Skechers Shape-Ups simulate how it is to be walking on sand prompting the wearer to have better posture while working out his/her buttocks, legs, back and abdominal muscles. And by providing a more natural walking surface, Skechers Shape-Ups also help reduce joint pressure. Just slip it on and walk your way to getting in shape.
While this innovative line of shoes is certainly an attractive option for those into fitness, it’s also something that glamour gals like Kim Kardashian will love given its extensive range of colors and styles. Whether you’re a girly girl or the total opposite, Skechers Shape-Ups has something to match your everyday outfits and lifestyle needs.
Skechers Kardashian Collection will be available stores by April 2011.
For more information on Shape-Ups, visit and like Skechers on FaceBook

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