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By Miong - Monday, January 03, 2011

With two more weeks of showing (Jan1 -18) prior to Green Hornet and its last week would fall over Sinulog Festival 2011, do check out TRON LEGACY at IMAX Theatre, SM City Cebu for Exceptional 3D Movie viewing after doing your Sinulog rounds or you might just want to avoid the huge street crowd and win cool IMAX items.
1. For every Purchase of teo (2) Tron Legacy IMAX tickets at any IMAX Theater from December 25, 2010 to Januray 18, 2011, You will have a chance to play the pick-a-prize game.
2. Present your IMAX movie tickets to the ticketseller and pick a stub from the fishbowl. You will automatically receive the corresponding prize indicated on the stub.

The 3D experience of “TRON: Legacy” will bring viewers into the Grid, and along for the ride, more than any other film in cinematic history. Using the next generation of 3D technology developed after “Avatar,” “TRON: Legacy” will allow the audience to experience the digital grid and be part of the action in the highly stylized landscape.
Shooting in 3D achieves an immersive experience for the audience that mimics the immersive experience Sam has inside the computer; the audience does not simply witness Sam’s journey inside the Grid, they travel alongside him. The effect is enhanced by opening in 2D for the real-world scenes then switching to 3D when Sam enters the digital grid.

As Joseph Kosinski explains, “Ours is sort of a ‘Wizard of Oz’ approach. Ninety-eightpercent of the 3D is in the digital TRON grid. The 3D really starts once we get into the Grid.”
“TRON: Legacy” will also be presented in IMAX theaters, so the filmmakers are making preparations to enhance the audience’s enjoyment by providing a unique experience. Specifically, they are finishing several sections of the film in a tall format—not letterbox—and in an IMAX theater, that means black bars at the top and bottom of the frame will disappear and it will become a full-screen sequence.
Director Kosinski elaborates: “In IMAX theaters there are several sequences, amounting to about 43 minutes in the film, that will open up to an expanded aspect ratio. We’ll be switching from 2.35 to 1.78, which will provide more image at the top and bottom of the screen. This will create an even more immersive 3D experience.”
The “TRON: Legacy” audiences will discover an exciting, evolved grid that pulsates with the latest technology, stunning visual effects and leading-edge design. With an insightful father-son story that’s grounded in cultural reality, a strong, relatable female lead and a unique, one-of-a kind style, “TRON: Legacy” blends what’s real with super-imaginative, eye-popping visuals and 3D action.
Reasons why I choose IMAX Experience over the Rest.
1.IMAX moviegoers will experience even more of the visually breathtaking 3D action, with more than 43 minutes of footage specifically designed to maximize the IMAX canvas. This is the most IMAX differentiation to date.
2. Seven sequences on the Grid expand on the screen, thereby allowing audiences to become even more immersed in the massive scope and scale of TRON: Legacy, only in IMAX 3D.
3.In addition to the enhanced images featured in the IMAX release, the TRON soundtrack by Daft Punk has been mastered specifically for IMAX’s proprietary laser-aligned sound system which features five discrete audio channels. It will sound amazing.
4.The film has been digitally re-mastered into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® through proprietary IMAX DMR® technology.
5.With crystal clear images, laser-aligned digital sound and maximized field of view, IMAX provides the world’s most immersive movie experience.
FOR SPECIFIC ASPECT RATIO INQUIRIES: Exclusively in IMAX theatres the aspect ratio of TRON: Legacy will expand during seven special sequences to offer more visual detail and further transport moviegoers into this unique world; in digital the movie will expand to 1.9 to 1. In film, the movie will expand to 1.78 to 1. Both presentations have been specifically crafted by the filmmakers to take advantage of IMAX’s premium and differentiated experience.

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