Got SE XPERIA Mini Android Phone but still on My Wishlist is an iPhone

By Miong - Sunday, January 02, 2011

For six months time, I have with me an Android Phone from Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Mini. It's a very good phone as it is world's first smallest Android Phone and a Smart Phone. Sony Ericsson really did big for this small phone as it nearly can give you all what you need from an Android Phone in its kind (other Android OS higher versions not comparable).
But still on my Wishlist is an iPhone. Who in the world doesn’t what it right? Like this is what everybody is wishing for. Its features and its cool hardware. Free iPhone Games for your phone is an awesome offer! You don’t need to purchase basic iPhone Apps since it is not difficult to find compatible apps. Plus you have the grasp of the top iPhone apps and download as what you need.
Apps like as basic as personal alarm clock with added feature like progressive snoozing that is acceptable to your body. Apps for your friends like Tom Cat, a talking cat app which repeats what your friends will tell to the cat in a funny, squeaky voice making all of your friends laugh.
Though my Android Phone can give me this need. Android Market is agenerous offer from Android Developers and Google. Still free and will surely take part of your daily technology needs.
Indeed, there still needed much hardwork for an iPhone. These gadget is a must for latest technology bloggers and writers. For free iPhone apps, download as you need and double check terms of use.
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