Tentay Patis finally arrive in Cebu for best Flavor and Aroma of your Recipes

By Miong - Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Your cooking book must have this as ingredient next to spices and seasonings.
Patis is a healthy alternative to and equally matches the use of ordinary table salt. Patis sauce has less of the ’salt’ but more of the flavor and aroma that makes favorite dishes even more tempting.

In 1949, Ruperta D. Javier, an enterprising housewife concocted a fish sauce (patis) and fish paste (bagoong) from the fish hauls in the part of Navotas. Aware of the delicious taste of her sauces and proud of it, she simply named both “Tentay” which was how she was popularly called.
Both sauces immediately captured the taste buds of food-loving Filipinos.
Half a century later, her nickname became a byword for sauces and the products that carry her name has then increased from just 2, to capture the tastebuds of millions of people around the world – flavoring dishes in 11 countries spanning 4 continents.
Tentay Food Sauces Inc. remains committed to the same values that guided its founder — premium quality products at the best possible prices.

"Tentay Food Sauces Inc Company Overview"
Golden Shell Award Awardee by DTI
The company’s strict quality control standards has enabled it to successfully penetrate other countries that exercise strict food importation, analysis and testing particularly on food additives and preservatives. Tentay Food Sauces Inc’s 1996 Golden Shell Award for Marketing Excellence is proof of the company’s continuous commitment to the same high-standards in food quality control set by its founder.
The Golden Shell Award are annually given by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to outstanding manufacturers of products or services that highlight the Filipino’s ingenuity, craftsmanship and business excellence.
Tentay Food Sauces Inc is the only food sauce company among a handful of awardees who won the highly-contested, prestigious Golden Shell Award for Product Quality Manufacturing Standard and Export Marketing Excellence – an affirmation of TFSI’s ongoing efforts to provide Filipinos and the rest of the world quality products at the best possible value.
Tentay Patis is the only Philippine Brand that passed the strict Japanese Standard in Sodium Benzolate, with not more than .005% or near zero preservative reading, qualifying it easily fot the U.S. Regualtions on fermented foods.

"with Cebu Media and Retailers"
Tentay Food Sauces Inc currently offers a wide range of sauces
Tentay Food Sauces Inc currently offers a wide range of sauces for a variety of uses from marinating, basting, pouring to dipping. The company’s growing number of products attests to the company’s creativity and continuous product research and development in providing the best tasting sauces at popular prices.
Tentay Food Sauces Inc looks at the next fifty years with pride from its humble beginnings and hope in bringing to the world the unique taste of Filipino sauces – continuously pursuing its battlecry “Ibuhos ang sarap”.
Give the best love you can and cook up a feast with Tentay Patis. For delicious recipes online, you can visit the website: www.tentaysauce.com. Tentay Patis is available in all local leading supermarkets and is distributed in the Middle East, Hongkong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, US, Hawaii and Guam.
Tentay – better food ideas from THE FOOD SAUCE COMPANY.
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