Cebu PC Buying Guide - Choose the Right Intel Processor for your PC Needs

By Miong - Monday, October 04, 2010

Cebu PC Buying Guide - Choose the Right Intel Processor for your Needs. Your guide in buying Computer Units in Cebu. This PC  Buying Guide Blog Post and Discussions will boil down to the most important part of a Computer Unit that controls everything your Computer perfomrs - The Processor or the CPU - Central Processing Unit.

Four Questions to Consider in choosing the Right Intel Processor for your PC Needs.
1. Keeping your old PCs saves money?
2. You can’t play game using integrated graphics?
3. Is more “Cores” always better?
4. Is more SPEED = more PERFORMANCE?
Know more about The 2010 Intel Core Processor and its Smart Performance.
Intel ® Turbo Boost Technology - Extra Gigahertz on Demand
Automatically speeds up the processor when the PC needs extra performance. No buttons to push, no complicated software setups required. “Turbo turns on automatically to provide performance when needed and turn off to save energy when not”
Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology Better Multitasking Experience
Gives customers 4-way and 8-way multitask processing that allows each core of the processor to work on two tasks at the same time. “Hyper-threading enables today’s dual-core CPUs to perform at the capacity of yesterdays quad-core CPUs without increasing power consumption”
Intel® HD Graphics Sharper. Richer. More Realistic.
Stunning visual experience with Intel®Core™ processors with Intel® HD Graphics. Great for running mainstream/casual gaming and HD video playback.

Graphics Usage Model World Wide. Casual Games Includes like PC Flash Games Plants Vs. Zombies, Pet Society, Bejeweled, Facebook Games, Farmtown and more. Mainstream games are Counter Strike, SIMS 3, World of Warcraft, Command and Conquer and more.Enthusiast Games like the new Resident Evil, Electronic Art Games like NEED for SPEED and CRYSIS.
32nm Technology Enables Faster Processors that consumes less energy
Intel Core Microarchitecture 32nm Process Technology. 432nm81 square millimeterpacks 383 million transistors. Enables Faster Processors that consumes less energy. Smaller transistor technology enables more features to be build into the processor, and lowers power consumption.

New Intel Core Processors i3, i5 and i7 Comparison against Key Features.
Summary / Key Points in PC Buying Guide - Choose the Right Intel Processor for your PC Needs
1. New Intel® 2010 Core™ Processor delivers best class performance and energy efficiency to your PC today.
2. New 2010 Intel® HD Graphics delivers same level performance as today’s “entry-level” add-on graphics cards.
3. More core is not always better. The dual-core Core i5 processors today can outperform quad-core CPUs in 2009.
4. SPEED alone doesn’t mean more performance.

The Latest Technology of Processors from Intel includes Transistor Technology, Bigger size of Cache Memory, Latest Architecture "Nehalem", Integrated Memory Controller DDR3, Hyper- Threading Technology and Improved Intel HD Grphics.
Cebu PC Buying Guide - Choose the Right Intel Processor posted at Cebu Events Blog.

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