Sari-Sari Store Festival at Cebu International Convention Center on July 23!

By Miong - Sunday, June 27, 2010

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At the 5th Sari-Sari Store Festival 2010 as pioneered by Prince Warehouse Club, July 23, 8am-5pm at the Exhibition Hall of the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) in Mandaue City. Prince Warehouse Club is a retail warehouse club chain with four branches in Cebu located in the North Reclamation Area, Old MCWD building, Danao City and Minglanilla. It provides exceptional value in both wholesale and retail for neighborhood stores, restaurants, institutions, resellers, and households.

This festival aims to bring together sari-sari store owners from the North, the South, and all over the Province by way of an exhibition, a variety show, and helpful discussions on entrepreneurship, micro-finance, and sari-sari store best practices & success stories. It is designed to encourage and further support their local businesses, to help them grow and in turn, grow the local economy as well.
It has currently over 10,000 members who are mostly sari-sari store owners from all over the province of Cebu, from the Northern part in Danao, to the southern part in Minglanilla. It serves its members in their respective localities with remarkably low prices on grocery goods to resell for their sari-sari stores.
With its membership base growing in the grassroots level, it annually holds an event called the Sari-Sari Store Festival.
Prince Warehouse Club President and CEO Robert Go emphasizes that the Sari-Sari Store Festival is their way of expressing their gratitude to the members for their continued support in sustaining and advancing their vision.
Prince Warehouse Club Chief Operating Officer Rhea Go also reveals that during the festival, they're gonna be launching The Customer Loyalty Program for Sari-Sari Soceity Members to get rebates and points via Smart Card that is swiped everytime they purchase from the store. Another plus for the event also is their MicroFinance Program vernacularly termed as "Pampuno-puno" aimed to add capitals on current sari-sari stores to grow. Priority for this program are those small scale stores only.
Fabulous Prizes will be raffled off during the Festival. A minimum purchase of Php500 from any of the Prince Warehouse Club Branches entitles a customer one coupon for the raffles. Those who will apply for PWC Sari-Sari Society membership at the CICC will get freebies from the Organizers and Sponsors.
5th Sari-Sari Store Festival 2010 at CICC posted at Cebu Events Blog.

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