GT Cosmetics reveals new Packaging and Formulation for their Soap line!

By Miong - Tuesday, June 01, 2010

GT, a Cebuano cosmetics brand reintroduces premium line of soap products.
GT Soap Products new image, Packagin and Formulation was launched at Ching's Palace Chinese Restaurant.
GT Cosmetics founder Engr. Leonora B. Salvane said they are reintroducing their Carrot Soap, Papaya Soap and Bleaching Soap in an improved packaging and formulation.

"The new packaging for our soap line is targeted to capture the young and high end market. We also improved the formulation and enriched them with more herbal extracts," Engr. Salvane said.
Despite targeting the higher market, the new product lines will still carry the same value-for-money pricing as their old products which will also still be displayed in their authorized retail outlets like Watsons.
"The new packaging is also our way of saying that we will be more aggressive in pushing for our products in the different market segment which we believe would really come to like our products especially with its superb quality."

GT Cosmetics, which was founded in 1994, has been producing good quality soap products that has continued to earn the trust of women and made it among the sought-after brands in retail outlets in the market today.
With an attractive new packaging and the retaining of the old ones, GT Cosmetics hope to capture more buyers while retaining the old ones who already developed trust for their soap products.
Engr. Salvane also revealed that they are targeting the larger market of Luzon and will be carrying most of their new products in their display outlets in the region.
"In Luzon, we have a more high end market to tap and we feel that our new line of products will really suit their standards."
GT Cosmetics will also be launching the new product lines in other parts of the Visayas and Mindanao and is set to increase manpower once the new Luzon market picks up.
"At present we produce about 2,000 pieces of every product variant and I'm sure that once we enter Luzon we will need double that amount, that is why we are also looking at expanding our manpower," Engr. Salvane said.
For the time being, Engr. Salvane said that she is just happy that the company has reached another milestone which signals more growth coming for the local cosmetic brand.
GT Cosmetics new Packaging and Formulation for their Soap line posted at Cebu Events Blog.

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  1. May tanong lang po.. I've using GT carrot soap for a week. Then my face got pimples. What should I do to enjoy the soap and remove my pimples? Thanks.

  2. im sorry to say that I cant answer your specific query now, but I do hope that some of our readers can give some feedbacks especially those esperts in these aspect of beauty products.

  3. this is malou.....
    im using gt carrot soap and its really effective even warts on my face are gone..thanks gt soap...pwede po mgdirect na lang sa inyo na bumili,mgkano po isa pgdirect s ainyo?

  4. wow! "even warts natanggal?" warts are form of virus. malupit yang soap na yan,lets try it!