Cebu Fest 2010 at the South Road Properties of Cebu City, May 1-8, 2010

By Miong - Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another Creative Innovative Events that would glitter your Night skies of Summer! This May 1- 8, 2010, Cebu embarks on a new celebration that aims to draw in once again on domestic and foreign tourism. The CEBU FESTIVAL 2010 hosts a diverse and exciting lineup of activities that will be held at the new South Reclaimed Properties (SRP) of the City of Cebu.

The Cebu Festival will host a series of sports events such as : Motocross, Kart race, Cock Derby, Drag Race, Flag Football, Softball and baseball matches, Soccer, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Touch Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee and a sundown marathon. A series of social activities such as: Nightly Variety shows and concerts, night bazaars, food bazaars, an agricultural – agro fair, an auto show and more will be there too!
The CEBU FEST is also venue to Cebu’s attempt to the Guinness World Record on the most number of rockets ( fireworks) fired in one time. Scheduled for May 8, one hundred twenty thousand rockets will blast off at the SRP grounds. And to top off the CEBU FEST activities, a grand fireworks show will be held on May 8 at the SRP grounds.
The Fest is expected to draw a big crowd of participants, contenders and spectators.
Interested sponsors please contact:
Interested booth vendors/concessionaires please contact:
Crinnovent Corp.
Telephone No. 3472987
Mobile Nos. 09209206473, 09224838601
If you are interested in hosting an event in “Cebu Fest” please contact:
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  1. until what time the food festival during the night? no curfew?

  2. The food festival will end when the customers want them to end :) But for as long as you guys are still there and want to hang out, definitely no curfew! Also, note that the Food Fest is only on May 1-2 and 7-8, 2010.

    But there will be food carts there every night at the Night Market, open from 4pm til 12mn...

    - Crinnovent Corp.

  3. Apparently, this event will suffice Family Get together in a new setting and even group bonding at the shores of Cebu's SRP.

  4. Wild Rice Food ExpressMay 2, 2010 at 12:00 PM

    Hi! Wild Rice Food Express would like to concession its food cart for the Cebu Festival. We are very much interested to start immediately. What are the steps to take?

    Thank you!

  5. Wild Rice, I already texted you a reply. You can start tomorrow til May 8. Let me know if you're pushing through :)