Aboitiz Persimmon Plus celebrates Earth Hour 2010 by a Sustainability Fair!

By Miong - Monday, March 22, 2010

An Aboitiz Company, Aboitizland, uniquely celebrates EARTH-HOUR 2010 at The Persimmon Plus-Aboitizland's Urban Village, Mabolo Cebu City by a 'Passion for a Better World Sstainability Fair'. Acitivities will kick off March 24, 2010 and ends at 28th. Below are summary of 'Passion for a Better World Sustainability Fair' activities:

March 24-28 2010(3pm-9pm)
* Score Organic, Eco Fashionable finds and limited edition earth hour shirts.
* Kids will enjoy the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation interactive booth on biodiversity conversation.
* Reduce waste at the recycling market.
* Hand in your incandescent bulbs for CFL (compact flourescent light) bulbs at the VECO Switch booth.
March 27, 2010-Earth Hour
*Hourly lectures on practical ways to Conserve (9AM-6PM)
*Go vehicle-free for Earth Hour! Join the Abiotiz Walkathon from the Aboitiz Corporate Center in Banilad to The Persimmon Plus (assembly time at 4:30PM)
Earth Hour 2010 (6PM onwards): Be there for the countdwon and have a festive shut off experience
With Fire Dancers and Tribal/Acoustic Bands. Switch off with Ms Cebu 2010 and Ms Earth. Also be part of the Candlelight formation.
For inquiries, please contact Aboitizland Commercial Leasing at (032) 4116100
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