Cebu Bloggers Society Milestone: Promoting Cebu in 2 years and Counting!

By Miong - Wednesday, February 10, 2010

At left is Cebu Bloggers Society Original logo created by Mark Monta.
Searching the keyword Cebu in the internet on prime search engines such as Google would surely bring you hundreds of related sites and post showcasing what Cebu can offer and or What is going on in Cebu. Cebuanos working on other nations could be beneficial to these since they can be informed what is going on with their home city. One factor that help achieve these status is the continuing Blogging fashion of Cebu Bloggers Society to promote Cebu through Blogs. 
Above are proposed logos for CBS, various works by Prince and CBS.
In two years, blogging in Cebu has ripened from just being a mere online diary to something that takes an active role in civic and social awareness.
One of the factors that contributed to this positive development in the blogging scene in Cebu is the creation of a local blogging community.

 The Cebu Bloggers Society was founded on February 14, 2008, with the main goal of uniting Cebu-based bloggers into a well-bonded community. And indeed, after its creation, individuals with diverse backgrounds but with a common interest, which is to promote Cebu and advocate blogging as a key tool for progress, converged together to establish Cebu’s first and largest blogging community.
The Cebu Bloggers Society has really grown and evolved quite significantly. From its humble beginnings, the group presently has at least 80 members and the number is still bound to increase further.
And now, the group is already anticipating its 2nd founding anniversary! Dubbed as “CBS @ 2: The
Cebu Bloggers Society 2nd Anniversary Celebration”, the event is envisioned to further strengthen the bond of friendship and camaraderie within the blogging community.
The anniversary celebration will be held on Sunday, February 14, 2010, 5-9PM, at the Celebration Hall of SM Storyland, Lower Ground Floor, SM City Cebu.
This big and important event won’t be possible without the help and assistance of the following:

SM City Cebu

SM Foodcourt, SM City Cebu

Golden Bowl Dimsum

King Wah Chinese Cuisine

Mama Gie

Balamban Liempo

Rics Barbecue

Minor Sponsors:
Jehzlau Concepts

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