Monday, January 10, 2011


Gabriel Keith Wong - Main Vocals
William Wong Jr - Guitar 1 and Vocals
Kyle Miguel Wong - Guitar 2 and Vocals

WONGGOYS 10 Track - Debut ALBUM
Album Cover:
Layout: Project Box Inc.
Photography: Dr. Erwin Lim

Album Title: "I'm Not Sure What to Say But I'll Say it Anyway" (33:16)
Album Tracklist:
1. Wonggoys - Limb.mp3 (2:12)
2. Wonggoys - HD.mp3 (3:50)
3. Wonggoys - FB.mp3 (4:33)
4. Wonggoys - Atch.mp3 (2:42)
5. Wonggoys - Post No Bill.mp3 (3:07)
6. Wonggoys - Chase the Girl or Rule the World.mp3 (3:45)
7. Wonggoys - I'm Not Sure What to Say But I'll Say it Anyway.mp3 (2:41)
8. Wonggoys - Kalayaan.mp3 (3:35)
9. Wonggoys - Chase the Girl - Alternate Version.mp3 (4:09)
10. Wonggoys - Bonus Track.mp3 (2:42)

Album Brief Description(Jude Bacalso):
"I'm Not Sure What to Say But I'll Say it Anyway" is a 10-track debut Album by CEBU based band WONGGOYS. All songs written and composed by WONGGOYS. The album includes tracks "KALAYAAN" a Patriotic Cebuano-Filipino-Hiligaynon written song and a Special Song "POST NO BILL" dedicated for their Father. Album Produced by Cattski Espina and Recoreded at 1032 Recording Studios under 22 Tango Records Label.
Check for updates for the Distribution of CD Albums and where to purchase them.
CEBU's LATEST MUSIC: WONGGOYS posted at Cebu Events Blog
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6 comments: on "CEBU's LATEST MUSIC: WONGGOYS DEBUT ALBUM 10 Original Tracks"

Anonymous said...

where ta ka buy sa ila CD?

Jude Bacalso said...

Hello! Salamat kaayo for the inquiry...Cattski just inked a deal to distribute the Wonggoy's debut album (along with her other 22Tango artists) in Odyssey stores nationwide, so it will be there within the next two months or so. In the meantime, one may order from them through their official Facebook page (facebook/wonggoys). They'll deliver within Cebu city c",) Thank you for spreading the Sound of the South!

Miong said...

There you go, thanks for the inputs Jude ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay thank you kaau. Hail 032 xD

jill said...

so available na ni sa CDO? and how much pud ilang CD?

Anonymous said...

may i know wonggoys contact number? we are looking for a live band who will perform during our party. hope somebody knew where or how to contact them...thanks

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