Phonak Lumity: defining confidence and comfort in hearing care

By Miong - Monday, March 04, 2024

Manila Hearing Aid (MHA), the leading hearing care provider in the Philippines together with Phonak, a global player in innovative hearing solutions, has launched the Lumity series, the next generation of lifestyle-centric hearing aids that are designed for all kinds of lifestyle.

Manila Hearing Aid has served as the pioneer of Philippine hearing care since 1976. For over 47 years, it took the mantle of providing the latest in hearing solutions and diagnostic testing to the nation. Today, Manila Hearing Aid has 16 clinics nationwide and has partnered with numerous international hearing solution provider brands to achieve its long-term vision of making hearing health more accessible for Filipinos.

Phonak Lumity Launch in Cebu (L-R): Dr. Liza Abano-Robles, President of Manila Hearing Aid, Ms. Susan Javier, Manila Hearing Aid Clinic Training Consultant, Sng Lay Choo, Senior Audiologist & Brand Champion of Phonak Representative Services Sonova Singapore, Kyra Mahinay, Manila Hearing Aid’s Brand Ambassador and Mr. Tze Peng Chua, Managing Director of Sonova Singapore

Dr. Liza Abaño-Robles, President of Manila Hearing Aid seeks to encapsulate this vision, stating, "Many Filipinos tend to downplay hearing loss or even consider it as unnoticeable. That’s why our main goal is to send a message that hearing wellness is just as important and should be considered as part of one’s overall health.”

"Our commitment is to provide top-of-the-line, and the most advanced and strategically tech-driven audiological products that enhance the quality of life through improved hearing," Abaño-Robles added.

Conversations shine with Phonak Lumity

The Lumity series has positioned itself as an all-around hearing care solution by effectively addressing the diverse quality of life needs and varying degrees of hearing loss experienced by consumers.

Specifically tailored to navigate the intricate challenges that individuals encounter in their daily lives, Lumity shines with its distinctive feature: an ability to have a much-improved speech understanding, especially in noisy environments. Seamlessly integrating improved hearing into daily activities and conversations is the central ideology of an effortless auditory experience. Whether engaging in meaningful conversations or amidst ambient noise, Phonak Lumity empowers users to concentrate on the sounds that truly matter, contributing significantly to an improved quality of life.

The hero product from the Lumity line is the Phonak Slim™ Lumity, an award-winning hearing aid with a sleek ergonomic design. It earned the prestigious title of Hearing Technology Innovator 2023 in the hearing aid design category as recognized by Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HTTM). The modern and state-of-the-art design of Phonak Slim™ is crafted to naturally match the contour of the ears, serving not only clinical purposes but also as a stylish hearing solution; combining functionality and style in one powerful device. Phonak Slim™ addresses the stigma towards traditional bulky design by bringing in sleek and stylish-looking hearing aids. The Phonak Slim™ is a unique, premium device available in four colors to match individual styles and boost confidence.

As a testament to its commitment to expanding its offering to the ever-changing consumer needs, the Lumity series also introduces the Phonak Naida Lumity™, referred to as one of its most powerful hearing aids tailored for moderate to severe hearing loss. With customizable settings for specific listening situations and improved noise cancellation, it promises resilience in virtually every scenario. Phonak Audéo Life™  Lumity also stood out as one of the best-selling products from Manila Hearing Aid. It holds the distinction of being the world's first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid and pioneering the new SmartSpeech technology. As an addition to the Lumity lineup, the Phonak CROS Lumity™ is built for individuals facing unaidable hearing loss in one ear. This model seamlessly integrates with compatible Phonak hearing aids, amplifying environmental awareness by transmitting sounds from the unaidable ear to the hearing aid-fitted good ear, resulting in an uninterrupted listening experience.  

With the Lumity series launching into the Philippine market in March 2024, Manila Hearing Aid and Phonak are aiming to step up the game in the hearing care market by offering specific hearing solutions that suit every patient’s needs. This effort only means that Manila Hearing Aid is steadfast in its mission of enabling Filipinos with the right hearing care solutions that contribute to their holistic well-being.

In Cebu, they are located at the 2nd Level, SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City.

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