McDonald’s comes out with oh-so-satisfying Chicken McDo

By Miong - Friday, January 12, 2024

From its size all the way down to its irresistible crunch, there’s just so much to love about it.

We take our chicken seriously, and rightfully so. There’s just something about a piece of perfectly-breaded, crispy chicken that fuels us to take one bite after another. Couple that with a mountain (or two!) of rice, and we’ve got all we need for a chicken meal that makes us say, “Niiiiiiiice.”

Now imagine this chicken – only now as something you can enjoy any time, anywhere. This is what McDonald’s has done with Chicken McDo; now bigger and better in every bite, while still tasting as good as it looks from every angle!

Much Malaki. Much Juicier. Much Crispier. Chicken McDo  (vs. previous recipe)

NICE, Sarap!

Much Malaki. Much Juicier. Much Crispier.* With Chicken McDo, come see and taste for yourself McDonald’s newest gold standard consisting of better cuts that will ensure not only tastier and juicier chicken in every order, but also chicken that’s home to bigger sulit sizes.

So for those screaming for “dinosaur chicken” from McDonald’s, you’re in luck: the bigger Chicken McDo is here to stay!

Just as well, McDonald’s has introduced a new breading procedure; pay close attention to how it results in an even crispier and flakier chicken skin, known as everyone’s favorite un-guilty pleasure when it comes to excellent chicken! 

With training, experience, and mastery in tow, you can expect every bite to come out satisfyingly juicy, right down to your last.

Last but not least, having a more filling experience by ordering McDonald’s sulit offers – the 1pc Chicken McDo with DOUBLE Rice, a pairing that would surely fill you up for the day and let you enjoy the most out of your Chicken McDo; and the 1pc Chicken McDo with McFloat, ideal for those who’d want to cool down in between bites!

1pc Chicken McDo with DOUBLE Rice

With McDonald’s always grounded in its commitment to provide quality offers, such changes have been applied to Chicken McDo to provide an even more elevated experience.

NICE, Ganda!

The Chicken McDo has truly been making waves – so much so that it has received its own stamp of approval from the unkabogable star herself, Vice Ganda.

Unkabogable star, Vice Ganda

McDonald’s Philippines has partnered with the icon, knowing her big love for McDonald’s gold standard Chicken McDo. What does she have to say about these improvements?

“Sobrang fan talaga ako ng Chicken McDo ever since. Before work, kapag lunch break, after shoots, it has always been my go-to. Kaya ngayon talaga sobrang saya na much malaki, much juicier, at much crispier na siya! Hindi na kayo tsatsambahin lang sa Chicken McDo, kasi they are here to stay,” says Vice Ganda.

Much Malaki. Much Juicier. Much Crispier. Chicken McDo  (vs. previous recipe)

Satisfy your chicken cravings with the much malaki, much juicier, much crispier Chicken McDo! Enjoy the chicken that tastes as good as it looks anywhere and anytime, with Chicken McDo available via Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru, and McDelivery across all McDonald’s stores nationwide.

Tune in for more exciting deals for the Chicken McDo by downloading both the McDonald’s App and McDelivey App, and keep updated on all things McDonald’s through their Instagram and Facebook.

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