Here’s my Top 5 affordable GrabFood Everyday Value Meals as I revert to Work in Office

By Miong - Thursday, October 06, 2022

Part of the challenges when transitioning from working from home to work in the office is the daily traffic. But there’s something that I love the most when in the office, it’s that you have a lot more choices in your meals and drinks than staying at home. My source of delectable food selections, of course, is GrabFood. It’s easy! First, open your Grab App and go to GrabFood. Second, click the Start at P99 tile and lastly, browse through the different restaurants that offer your favorite meal. I’m sharing my Top 5 below. 

1. Roasts Beef Classic Rice – Jafar’s Shawarma Station – P180  

When craving for warm and aromatic Shawarma lunch, this is on top. I love the balance of flavors and  fresh vegetables that come with it that surely recharge you for the rest of the day. 

2. Original Sizzling Burger Steak with Egg – Orange Brutus - P175  

Not only a very classic Cebuano brand but something that you can brag about and recommend to  your friends from outside Cebu, Orange Brutus’s Sizzling Steak with its savory thick gravy and fresh  vegetables is a winner. Could be an after-run meal as a reward to self after workout or just even a long  day at work. 

3. Avocado Oreo Large - Zip ‘N Sip - P190  


Sometimes a perfect meal isn’t complete without tingling your sweet spot, the Avocado Oreo from Zip  ‘N Sip completes the ideal meal to get refreshed and be ready for the tasks ahead. 

4. Chicken Breast, Ngohiong and Siopao – Ngohion Express – P198  

Among my Top 5, this is the most satisfying eat and bang for one's buck with so many choices of  Cebuano kind of comfort food. The Ngohiong is a must try paired with its signature sauce that makes  you ask for more Puso or rice. 

5. House Steak – Jonie’s Sizzles & Roast - P199  


To complete my list is the House Steak of Jonie’s, you might notice that from my list it says my general  preference when it comes to food while in the office. Anything that sizzles and offers a spicy and  flavourful experience is where I lend my attention. 

That’s my Top 5, what’s yours? Explore the GrabFood App now and get exclusive everyday promos that  you and your officemate can enjoy!

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