Motor7 Photo and Video Competition 2022 Kickstarted in Bohol

By Miong - Friday, August 12, 2022

The Bohol run of the Motor7 Photo and Video Competition 2022 rolled out this week. Motorbikers have until August 22, 2022 to roam the Philippines’s tenth largest island and snap stills or record videos of their experiences at its alluring geosites.

Motorbike riders are capturing the amazing natural and man-made wonders of the Central Visayas provinces in awe-inspiring pictures and videos through the contest series initiated by the Department of Tourism- Central Visayas (DOT7).

“Motor7 – The Geopark Ride to Recovery,” as the Bohol leg is captioned, advances from Bohol’s application for the coveted Global Geopark distinction with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  It is, to date, the only site in the Philippines being considered for the citation.

UNESCO Global Geoparks are identified for “sites and landscapes of international geological significance” holistically managed in a single, contiguous geographical area taking into consideration the concepts of protection, education and sustainable development. The Geopark’s geological heritage and natural and cultural attributes call attention to social issues such as environmental degradation, climate change and risks related to natural disasters.

DOT7 Chief Tourism Operations Officer Gelena Asis-Dimpas says riders travelling through Bohol may choose as their subjects any of the unique geosites within the newly-documented Motor7 circuits in the province - caves, karsts, springs, waterfalls, uplifted marine terraces and an uplifted coral garden. They may also opt to feature the indigenous Eskaya tribe in their entries aside from highlighting the local motorbiking culture.

Motorbiking is developing into a cultural phenomenon, a lifestyle that enables enthusiasts to celebrate the outdoors and bear witness to the bounties of the natural environment, appreciating the panoramic land and seascapes of the region while traversing mountain trails, highways and seaside lanes. 

Motor7 was established by the DOT7 as a regional program to fully harness the potential of the activity as a tourism product. Through its program status, Motor7 has sustained events that promote environmental awareness and conservation, heritage preservation and livelihood development.

Dimpas adds, “The Motor7 Photo and Video Competition is helping riders appreciate the significance of open spaces, protection of land and seascapes and our common heritage. It is also opening up opportunities for start-up food outlets, campsites and other businesses.”

The contest is open to Central Visayas-based photography, videography and motorcycle touring enthusiasts. Professionals and hobbyists alike are welcome to submit entries.

Details on the Motor7 Photo and Video Competition 2022, including guidelines and mechanics, are available on the Motor7 Central Visayas Adventures and Visit Central Visayas facebook pages. Strict adherence to competition guidelines and mechanics is strongly advised.

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