ARTHALAND’S “Advancing Net Zero Cebu” celebrates 2 Sustainable Dev in Cebu City: Cebu Exchange and Lucima

By Miong - Tuesday, May 24, 2022

ARTHALAND’S grand event “Advancing Net Zero Cebu” celebrates two milestones for two of the country's most cutting edge sustainable buildings in Cebu City. The first is the completion of Cebu Exchange, the largest sustainable building outside Luzon. And the second is the unveiling of model units for Lucima, Arthaland's new luxury condominium development at the Cebu Business Park.

Advancing Net Zero Cebu Event at the Cebu Exchange Lobby, Salinas Drive, Cebu City.

Arthaland welcomes guest to Cebu Exchange, an iconic landmark in the Cebu skyline and to the unveiling of the Lucima model units at the Advancing Net Zero event, the first face-to-face event after 3 years.

 Advancing Net Zero Cebu  

Now, more than ever, our Net Zero commitment is critical to the times. Artahaland is the first property developer in Asia to be a signatory to the World Green Building Council's Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment in 2020. 100% of their projects are registered and are on track for net zero carbon certification – this manifests their leadership in the decarbonization of the building and construction industry.

Cebu Exchange

With over 11 hectares of gross floor area and 5 stories of premier retail space, Cebu Exchange is the largest office development vying for net zero certification. It is designed and built to withstand natural calamities. The decarbonization of its operational energy is anticipated to reduce carbon emissions, equivalent to planting and growing 1 million trees over a 10-year period. The construction of Cebu Exchange is now virtually completed. The on-time handover of units to buyers, concurrent with their pre-pandemic schedule, reflects their commitment to stakeholders and investors.

Over 2,600 sq.m. of lush and beautifully-landscaped green spaces will offer magnificent views of the Cebu City skyline for building occupants.

RFID-enabled turnstiles at the main lobby and a total of 24 high-speed smart destination control elevators provide secure, easy, and contactless accessibility

Building envelope optimization and the use of double-glazed windows allow for better thermal and moisture insulation that leads to savings in energy consumption.


Lucima is Arthaland's flagship residential condominium in the Cebu City, envisioned to be the first quadruplecertified high-rise residential development in the country. It has earned precertification for LEED Gold by the U.S. Green Building Council. It is vying for WELL, EDGE, and BERDE certifications. The building foundation has been completed and basement 2 structural works are on-going.

Lucima is envisioned to be the first quadruple-certified sustainable high-rise residential condominium in the country (Artist’s Perspective)

Each unit in Lucima boasts a high floor-to-ceiling height of 2.9 meters. Carefully planned features will allow abundant light to penetrate inside the homes while preventing indoor heat gain.

The brand name Lucima is derived from a combination of the Latin word Lux, which means “light”, and the Spanish word Estima, which means “appreciation”. LIGHT symbolizes LIFE. It gives a strong architectural narrative, dictating what a space feels like. The features were carefully planned to allow generous light to penetrate inside while preventing indoor heat gain; indoors will require less energy or air-conditioning to cool the space. It impacts mental and physical health—Vitamin D boost, enhanced mood and productivity, better quality of sleep. Inspired by nature, the Lucima brand identity features a logo symbol of a leaf comprised of asymmetric lines referencing the building’s unique exterior design aesthetic. The overall identity communicates not just the development’s but also ARTHALAND’s promise of wellness and sustainability. 

One-Bedroom Unit. Each unit will have its own Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) which improves indoor air quality by bringing in fresh, filtered air while controlling the humidity for thermal comfort.

Lucima is located at the corner of Cardinal Rosales Avenue and Samar Loop, Cebu Business Park (Artist’s Perspective)

Lucima is also the first high-rise residential project vying for IFC’s EDGE Zero Carbon certification in Southern Philippines, reflecting Arthaland's commitment to raise the standards of residential developments. Their journey to net zero bridges the gap between a sustainable future and their most concrete contribution to today’s global call for climate action.


 ARTHALAND is the only real estate developer in the Philippines with a portfolio which is 100% certified as sustainable, recognized by both local and global organizations for its focus on sustainability, wellness, high quality, and superior design. 

ARCH CAPITAL MANAGEMENT is an independently owned real estate private equity investment platform with a wellestablished track record investing across major markets in Asia Pacific. Its portfolio of assets is diversified across 29,000 residential units for sale and for lease and over 1.3 million square meters of office, retail, and mixed-use assets in key cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Macau, Manila, Bangkok, Shanghai, and Taipei. 


Designed by Saraiva + Associados, the structure lends an abstract representation of its elegant columns and thin slats, expressing a light and graceful feel. Through the beveled slabs making a sublime horizontal rhythm, a balance is created between the spaces. 

Always exuding quiet confidence.  

The façade treatment is materialized in pure white form, with ceramic and glass elements, for a clear panoramic view over Cebu, giving a noble touch to this exclusive residence. 


The history of the studio merges with the history of its founder and CEO, Miguel Saraiva, who is responsible for the concept behind each project. His passion for architectural design is coupled with a fearless vision that enabled him to transform a small, newly formed studio into a corporate organization with international clout while preserving its renown as an architect-led studio with global reach. With Lisbon as its creative base and the home of over a hundred of its collaborators, S+A sets itself apart with its capacity for openness to the wider world, adaptability to new markets, and resilience in the face of challenges that are faced by a constantly changing society. With offices in 9 countries, S+A is now a major player in a number of different countries.  


Arthaland Prestige Property Solutions, formerly known as Emera Property Management, will manage every aspect of Lucima, from upkeep to day-to-day operations. This wholly-owned subsidiary of ARTHALAND approaches property management from an owner’s perspective to deliver unparalleled services and solutions, ensuring that investments are properly taken care of.

Responsive, efficient, and pleasing — its dedicated and well-trained in-house staff will ensure the safety, security, and peace of mind of residents.

Arthaland Prestige Property Solutions’ leasing services will create seamless, proactive, and convenient management of your property investments to maximize earnings.

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