FIX UNHEALTHY COMPUTERS, TIPS and Helpful Guide for your PC

By Miong - Thursday, June 09, 2011

Are you having problems with the health of your computer? Malnourish PC are those that are performing slowly or unhealthy. There are some aspects to be considered about the unfavorable health of your PC. If you are eager to know about the things that will affect the health of your PC, read this article. Unhealthy PC has unhealthy performances. One of its unhealthy performances is the slow motion of its processes. There are some things in the system that are disturbing the health of your PC. These are some of them:
• The background programs – there are many active background programs of the computer that are consuming the space of the PC and disturb its speedy performance. If you have noticed that there are many icons in the computer systems tray, they are the background programs of the PC. These background programs are occupying the PC’s memory and will result to its poor performance.
• Full data in the hard drive – if you want your disk to continue its quality work, there must be at least 300-500MB free space of the PC. If your hard drive is flooded with many files and programs that are stored in the PC, it will slow down and freeze up.
• The load of the games that are stored in the PC – if you have downloaded games that are not suitable for your hard drive, this will affect the performance of the PC.
• Old or windows conflict – if you have different video drivers in your PC system, the Windows will be using both of them alternately. Duplicate drivers will affect the performance of the PC.
• The junk files or the left-overs – there are some times that when you delete some of the programs and applications; junks will be left behind the system. These junks or left overs will consume the space of the hard drive and will affect the performance of the PC. They are wasting the space of the disk drive and will not allow the other important files to occupy the space. They will create massive junks in the system that will eat up the space of the disk drive.
• The intruders or the parasites – there are some computer parasites that are intruding the health of your PC. They will destroy the system and will cause the abnormal functioning of the PC. Some of these parasites are the viruses, malwares, adwares, etc.
These factors are the responsible of the unhealthy performance of the PC. These are not helpful for your PC’s health and they need to be solved. If you will let these stuffs dwell longer in the system, they will ruin the health of your PC. The worst thing that will happen is that you might not recover the good health of your PC. Let not these stuffs enjoy their stay or invasion in the PC system. The longer they will dwell in the system, the shorter is your chance of recovering your speedy PC.

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