Summer Months and 5.1 Surround Home Theatre System

By Miong - Saturday, April 02, 2011

No more classes! :) Its summer in Cebu! I kick off my Summer last weekend at Shangri-La's Mactan Resort and I go a water sport that wouldn't use any fuel or energy, that's Sailing. But I will give more details on my next post solely just for Clean Energy. Now since its Summer Months, no classes, I spend most of my time at home, and I always find what I can do in home just to keep myself entertain. With my personal computer next to my option is the Home Theatre. Well everybody loves that.
Here are some little facts for a Home Theatre System that you are longing for. Your home theatre system could be 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound. The numbers simply means: number of outputs.number of subwoofer channels. 1 center speaker , 2 front (L/R), 2 rear/side speakers (L/R), and one subwoofer is what composes a 5.1 and. A 7.1 system has an additional 2 rear speakers. Subwoofer is the speaker that produces the lowest sound, usually found in its own box and it doesn't matter much where you putfrom the system.
Since I am an Electronics Engineering stude, I know some of the elements of the Speaker system, a noticeable highest sounds that you hear is the tweeter, sometimes included in a speaker along with a midrange, The midrange speaker is responsible for the vocal part of the media or the middle sound. Without it you will either hear a heavy bass or a light sound by the tweeter.

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