Not just on Plants vs Zombies, it should be real for Earth and Humanity.

By Miong - Tuesday, May 04, 2010

With the advent of Global Warming and Greenhouse Effect, Activities like Earth Hour, Originated from Australia and Earth Day are there to complelent if not suffice the need of the environment to fight for Climate Change and the depletion of Renewable and non-Renewable Natural Resources of Earth. To date Concerned Citizen all over the world are showing the support and sympathy to these activites as to promote Environmental Awareness and Education. Everyone should be happy about these Global Response. In Cebu, Philippines, People and Business Entities are participating well give a warm response to the call.
But we need more. Things are destructed exponentially. The climate change are very rampant that we could visibly see it, and physically feel it with our Sorrounding. So on top of these activites, we need to act in our very own initiative in each sector we are in. Like for example in the city, inspite of the limited space for gardening and growing plants, we can opt for Plants in Pots or any creative design in mind. Outdoor Planters could be very constructive to the sorroundings, Garden Planters is well too. Use window box planter if you have wide windows to suffice cool air cycle in the room. High End Planters and Decorative Planters adds ambient in living rooms as well as havocs.
On weekends or free times, we could practice this initiatives that could bring good things to not just your home but also your planet. Being Responsible is at hand now with just grow plants in your area with readily available planters in stores and even online. This personal activities should surely suffice the need to support sustainability of earth and humanity.

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