Translate your Cebuano Dialect into other International Language.

By Miong - Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We have different Languages. Dialects are distinct too. And it usually speaks the group that it represent too. In Cebu, we have Cebuano, Bisaya, I really could not elaborate more, its too many plus the distinct languages from other places. Since it your Language will speak for your thoughts, your Ideals, your Opinions, and everything that comes in your mind. And it is always our Medium to communicate to anyone we wish to be counterparts it maybe with Business or Just a sort of fellows in neigborhood. We are always bonded with our language as this is also an instrument for Discussions, Agreement between two different Parties and even Policies on almost every transactions that we are in to in our day to day living.
To date, Internet gives an aprroximate 6000 spoken Language around the world. Across continents from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Antartica. These languages have different origins and totally different from each other. In order for us to have constant Agreement and Understanding around the globe. The need for Tanslation is highly in demand. We need words or articles from other countries be undestandable in our place that's why we need Entities to Translate these informations it maybe a few words or millions of words so that it would be clear to involve parties before signing or agreeing on it.
We have already formal education about language now. Teached in every Schools and Universities. But we need Translators that could suffice our needs to deliver sound translation at ease. You may be a big company or you have just started business, you could walys rely on translation works from trusted entities that are visible in the market in time. Translia is among of them. I can translate up to 3- languages and several local dialects, but not the 600o more.

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