White Elephant, Manito-Manita & Traditional Exchange Gift

By Miong - Thursday, December 17, 2009

According to Wikipedia, "The goal of a white elephant party is usually entertainment rather than gain." These different type of Exchanging Gifts is adapted commonly in United States varies in term or in gameplay.
Christmas TreeIn the Philippines, we are used to have the "traditional exchange gift" characterized by having a list of number on a piece paper that has corresponding gift if you happen to get it and the other popular way "Manito-Manita" which might start in a Kris-Kringle few weeks before Cristmas, in these method each participant is destined to give a paparticular individual as determined by raffle means.
Generally, white elephant parties need a minimum of six participants, although the larger the group, the more entertaining and protracted game play will be. White elephant parties can result in vicious rivalries between players trying to get sought after gifts.
More inputs of the White Elephant here where he manage to illustrate a flow chart regardin White Elephant Rules.

We have been adapting White Elephant as a means of Exchanging our gifts during Christmas Party in the office. For 3 years now and its really fun.:) Though others find it annoying.

White Elephant, Manito-Manita & Traditional Exchange Gift Article for Cebu Events Blog

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