Gaisano Grand Mall of Mactan opens on November 14!

By Miong - Friday, November 06, 2009

Gaisano Grand Mall of Macatan would be the newest mall of Cebu by November 14, 2009 at it opens its doors to people of Mactan Island and to all the Province of Cebu. Its construction started last quarter last year.
Gaisano Grand Mall of Mactan Cebu
 As of now as I passed by the area, Signs of Gaisano employees on training is observed already and some finishing touches for the Malls entrance. I bet people in Mactan and Mandaue is excited of what these edifice can offer to them. Would it be likely to be mall or a replication of Gaisano Mactan which is dubbed to be Gaisano Macatan Island Mall now.
Gaisano Grand Mall of Mactan-Lapu-Lapu
I see banners on the streets, Gaisano Employees distributing some leaflets somewhere in Peublo Verde near MEPZ 2, some routing vehicles with Gaisano Grand Mall Jingle playing and lots of posters on Tricycles, Multicabs and other Public utilize vehicles. And for more, Orange Brutus as well as Jollibee is now putting up their banners for their opening branches soon at The Gaisano Grand Mall of Mactan. I have read from Jollibee's promotional materials that they are giving some Jollibee umbrella to those first 100 customers that will buy Chickenjoy Bucket during their opening at the Gaisano Grand Mall in Mactan.

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  1. kaya pala hindi nadayon ang Gaisano Minglanilla kasi meron pang tinatapos

  2. Tedblitz, Yup, came from Lapu-Lapu. I guess you live there too?

    Cebuimage, I am not sure if they are on the same Developer, there are times that although they bringing the name Gaisano, different Developer gold different Projects.

  3. I'm just renting a place here. You're from what place exactly? I live in Vista Bella in Kagudoy.

  4. whew my gaisano na rin pala jan... pareho lang jud kaau ug style sa bldg dire ferti...

    anyway how are you miong? :)

  5. tedbitz, wow, were just near!hehe though it take a 15-30 minute ride, i am in maribago.

    mimot, yeah its the 2nd Gaisano in Mactan, its kinda redundant that in these little Island we have two Gaisano while some municipalities in Cebu especially on the remote parts still dont have malls yet.hehe

    by the way, im good mi!hehe kumusta naman ka?