Thinking of Playing Golf this Sem-break Vacation

By Miong - Thursday, October 15, 2009

I just had my Semestral Break now. After a full block schedule of work and study. Just last week my finals for the first Semester of this year culminates. And its ending means a lot for my craving for Leisure Activities. Pushing me to think of what I am going to do this little Sem-Break of my student career.

I should take some break. We sholud.
What comes on to my mind is playing Golf. Though weird. But I am really serious to do it if I have the chance. And it would be an unforgettable experience.
As I go through other referrences and sources in net about golf, I am able to find out about Myrtle Beach Golf Package. Myrtle Beach situated in the Tourist destined South Carolina is up for Myrtle Beach Golf. Playing Golf and having the impression that you are nearby a beach, that's cool!
So I guess, if this thought would be realize then it would be a nice idea for a Sem-Break Leisure to have a Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations. Not all the time of the year I craved for a vacation for myself and ask for more leisure activities. It would really be a good idea right?
Golf Packages Myrtle Beach I believed can offer what an adventurer and a golf player could ask. Since I am new to golf, I believe I can avail some of their packages and lessons that couls enhance my skills in playing golf. Not the 'Tiger-Woods" type but at least I could make that ball hit and as muach as possible place it as near as the target coud be.
Myrtle Beach Golf is an option for me. And its kinda promising. I really like to play golf. I know that businessmans and prominent persons do these once. And I like to be with them. I will start by playing this game.

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  1. layshosness!!! bongga ka miong! aylabbet!

  2. hi teddbitz, wanna go play golf?hehe

  3. i don'r play golf... sorry... badminton, yes! hahaha

  4. its okay.hehe badminton is a good sport too! it sweats you off:)

  5. it's a very good cardio exercise that burns your fat and cholesterol in substantial amounts. maybe we can play someday when i get my new rocket nah... ehehehe

  6. WOW! I am excited for that! Where do you usually play? A new rocket ha.hehe