Step-on Cebu with Tsinelas!

By Miong - Friday, August 28, 2009

Tsinelas, (Pair of Slippers) lower footwear that can be slipped on and off easily. Used primarily to transfer to and fro. Protecting one's bare feet.
So many stories that can be drawn from the so-called Tsinelas.
And there are exposures on it in the TV and the web.
But these post would no tackle so much about that. These story will focused on the bright angle of Tsinelas and how it will change some ordinary lives into betterment. Step on Cebu with Tsinelas!

TSINELAS ASSOCIATION INC. is a non-government, non-stock, non-profit organization that gives educational assistance to poor students in mountain barangays and depressed areas in Cebu.
TSINELAS envisions a just and humane society where the basic right to education is upheld and where poverty is not a hindrance to learning. It is a society where those who have more in life help those who have less, and where everyone works for the common good.
TSINELAS commits to help in the educational formation of poor students, in the ongoing formation of those responsible for their education, and in ensuring an environment that is conducive to learning.

1. To spend for the students’ basic school needs, like tuition, school fees, uniforms and school supplies.
2. To help provide students with holistic formation through values formation and personality development seminars.
3. To help teachers, parents and other members of the community in their task of providing quality education to students
4. To help improve school facilities.
TSINELAS is composed of students, teachers, social workers and professionals sharing a passion to be of service to others.
TSINELAS was formed in October 2003 and was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in February 2004 under Registration No. CN200425206. It is also registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue. It links with other groups that are into similar advocacy and operates alongside local government units and the Department of Education.
A pair of slippers is a fitting symbol of what the organization aims to do: to provide comfort to children in need and ensure that their right to education is respected.

I always wear tsinelas, And I will always Support Tsinelas Association Inc.

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  1. This one of important infomation,....

  2. It sounds interesting. I wanted to be part of this association. Is there any requirements or fees if you will become a member or volunteer? Pls let me know.

  3. hi burn, thank you for the query. I will relay it to the founders of Tsinelas Inc. Thanks you. I will get back to you soon.

  4. nice organization to help the poor just like in kapuso gma giving tsinelas to students that goes to school w/o footwear ^^ unlike some people spending money for havainas nice post!

  5. hahaha, havainas. got good point louie, the founders of the org sees the need to have this org grow. btw, is it gma/kapuso or korina's rated k that gives tsinelas to kids?